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Mzebonga's Trip

Thursday March 15

Went and picked up Mzebonga at the airport. One time there was a 26 hour delay on his flight, so the 2 hour delay this time was nothing to bitch about.

For the record: Airport food is expensive if you want something that actually IS food.

It snowed for a day and Mzebonga went out to play in the snow. He built a fort in the backyard and played around in the snow. (Yes, that's him in the photo above. ) I didn't build a fort because I didn't want him to cry when it put his to shame. Instead, I stomped on snow boulders he was going to use to build the fort. That was fun.

While wandering around, Mzebonga scared off some ducks.
They stomped off across the ice in disgust.

We spent a lot of time wandering around nature trails and taking photos. For the first week and a half the trails were covered in snow, the water covered in ice and the air chilled but by the end of the second week things had mostly melted away. We were able to sit in the backyard and enjoy a few drinks.

Mzebonga bribed me to be seen in public with him by buying me a small dinosaur and a book about the universe (it has kickass drawings in it.) It worked.

We also spent a lot of time in front of the TV, as there were days that were simply too cold to go outside, or we felt too lazy to do anything else. Mzebonga picked up Simpsons Hit & Run, and NHL 2006. My Grand Theft Auto disc is all screwed up, so we had to manage without it.

I rented Little Miss Sunshine and made Mzebonga watch.

March 31 2007

We (Mzebonga, Ver and I) spent the day in the backyard digging, moving rocks and killing plants/flowers. Ponds were re-directed and dead wood from the backyard gathered up to be burnt. We had BBQ food, watched the hockey game and that night we had a fire which lasted until about 2am. We stumbled off to bed and slept in the next day.

April 02 2007

It's raining outside but Mzebonga and I went for a walk anyway. Yesterday was spent recovering from all the work done in the backyard, as muscles were complaining about the work and we complained about the muscles complaining.


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