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May 31 2007

I have a backyard.
That's right, I do and I've been working in it. I've killed a LOT of things by tearing them out of the ground, hammering at them with a shovel, throwing them in a ditch or just chopping them up with a shovel and burying the bodies. I've done a bit of planting, most in the form of transplanting things from one section to another as I see fit. There are a LOT of large rocks that I've moved around, and by the end of the summer I should be able to enter into some sort of shot-put event.

This is part of my backyard. It took me days to tear out wild raspberry vines that had overgrown the area on the left. It looks small on the photo but that pine tree to the left is over 6 feet tall, which I helped planet a few weeks ago. I like how the photos are misleading, so that everything looks so much better in person. I've even been holding back on sending photos to people so that they have to come and see for themselves.

It's amazing how much time and work it takes to just go around and kill the stuff you don't want. Once I had someone come and tell me what had to be killed, I spent at least a week just killing weeds, and even now they're growing back all over the place. When tearing out plants it makes a wonderful ripping noise, though lately I've been forced back into the house due to mosquitos and thier evil bites. Soon they will die and I will be able to resume my war on random plants.

This is the pond that I've been helping to build. Ok so I haven't done a LOT of the what you see in this photo but I've done lots of stuff to the right of it. Either way, I've got a pond and little waterfall in my backyard. I can hear the waterfall from the house most of the time.

This guy tried to break into our composter and then sat in a tree for a while.
Score one for the sturdy design of the composter.

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