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June 27 2007

Past moments.
I've had nothing to say on this site for a while, so I went back and took a look at old posts. Seeing old posts (including those no longer online) I've realized that I didn't really say much back then either, but I did post most often. Maybe because I don't have a full-time job outside of the house I end up feeling like nothing is really happening, or <gasp> I actually miss having co-workers and other people I can interact with. Maybe? I don't know. I do know that I don't feel like writing nearly as often as i used to and that I lack inspiration when it comes to this website. Maybe I need some new members to help bring new things to this site and help encourage me into doing more? Maybe I need to find a part time job outside of the house? Maybe I'm just tired of feeling like nothing ever really changes and no one is really interested? Maybe it's just me who has lost interest in my own life? Now the world maybe looks strange. Oh well. I'm going to try and remember how to babble on again, let's see how this goes.

Not the Trailer Park Boys character, but actual bubbles as shown in the icon. Lately I've been taking photos of bubbles, raindrops and water droplets. The easiest way to find some interesting droplets is to leave an almost empty water bottle (capped) in the sun for a while, or just leave it around your house. (Peel the label off before you start so you have a clear view of the droplets.) Condensation is our friend, and fun to photograph. Go on and give it a try before you toss out the next water bottle you use. For the record, I don't drink water out of water bottles, in fact I don't like drinking water at all. I use my husband's water bottles when he leaves them around the house. When taking photos of the condensation, put it carefully in front of something with color or some sort of light to make it look interesting. Maybe I should teach creativity classes to people and I can have a class just on this for a day.

Squirrels attacked my nuts.
I just wanted to have that as the title. In reality, one was on my back porch and came running straight at me. After jumping out of the way and having it weave around sporadically, I noticed that its left eye looked like it had been wounded, and even though had healed, it probably couldn't see properly. It was a small squirrel and I felt bad for the little thing, so later on I threw some peanuts at the side of the house. It will probably thank me for this by racing up my leg and scratching out one of my eyes so it can try to use it. When it finds out that human eyes are incompatible with squirrels then it will probably bitch-slap me with its tail. Damn squirrels, I should go out and steal back all the peanuts I gave it.

Me vs Weeds.
The battle continues and I'm winning the war. Today I successfully removed a rather large installation of weeds by tearing off their heads, breaking their spines and tearing out their roots. They were all then piled into a wheelbarrow and dumped into a ditch. The pile of dead weeds back there is pretty large and I've recovered another 8 to 10 square feet of my backyard. Tomorrow I will dig out the remaining sapling and other plants I'd like to keep, planting them in a section that won't be mowed over. I probably would have been a good archeologist, as it's been a lot of fun digging up things that have been overgrown with weeds or covered over with dirt.
Things I've found so far : A line of rocks that goes around my backyard, two broken water-guns, a golf ball, a bees nest in the ground, giant shards of glass, a rusty wheel, pieces of rusted metal, more rocks, legit flowers that were being choked out by weeds, an herb garden, a rock garden and a styrofoam dart.

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