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July 09 2007

Me vs Weeds.
Yep, this is still going on. It won't end for a long time, perhaps NEVER. Today I spent another 2 or 3 hours attacking a patch of weeds that runs along the side of my driveway. They've been growing wild there for at least 5 years and just getting them yanked out so I can begin chopping at their roots has been quite an effort. Today I dug out three wheelbarrows of dirt and dumped it on the weeds, raking out the uneven areas. I'm hoping I can stop some of it from growing up right away again while I figure out a way to kill the roots without dumping chemicals into the ground.

So far it seems my options are to:
-Dump mulch on it and just hope it dies.
-Let it grow back and feel shame that the weeds broke me.
-Chop at it with a shovel for many hours until the roots are mostly dead, dump some good soil on it and then steal plants from around my own yard to make it a real garden.
-Burn it ALL and then salt the earth so nothing may grow there again.
-Cover the area with rocks and claim it's a Zen garden.
-Dump chemicals on it, feel bad about it, try to dig them up, end up inhaling a bunch of it, passing out on the driveway, rolling down into the street and being run over by a truck.

I will probably do the shovel thing because it will be hard work, but ultimately give the best results. Also, it will give me somewhere put all the plants that have been growing wild for the last 5 or so years. (The previous owners were busy and didn't tend to their gardens. This is why there are SO many weeds for me to kill.)

Finally, after a few weeks of being taunted and lied to by the Weather Network, thunderstorms paid me a visit. It was thundering and lightning late into the night, which was great. I had spent the afternoon helping some friends move into their new house, then went swimming in a lake to cool down, so the thunderstorms were a good way to end the day. Huzzah for thunderstorms! Now if only another one would come along and kill the humidity that has been making me sweat like mad all day.

Death to Smoochy.
That's a funny movie. I had completely forgotten about it until it came on the other night. I really need to remember I like this movie and buy it the next time I'm wondering what DVD to buy. I'm sure it's in a SALE bin somewhere just waiting for me to give it a home.

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