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Jan 8 2007

Over the last week I've decided that I need to do more reading. So here are some book lists.
Book I just finished reading:
Lonely planets by David Grinspoon
Books I just started reading:
Lost Discoveries by Dick Teresi
Moon Hunters by Jeffrey Kluger (I started reading this a bit ago but moved so I'm starting over.)
Books I've been given recently and plan to read soon:
Cell - Stephen King
Stranger in a strange land - Robert Heinlein

Finally, WINTER .
Today it finally snowed enough to look and feel like winter. Good. It was getting scary to look outside and see my grass. It's January, I should be complaining about how cold it is outside and stuff like that. I have wet mittens in the closet now from going out and shoveling the snow, which is the way it SHOULD be.

Looking back.
So I read over my January 5 2006 entry and well, not everything I thought that would get done on this site was actually done. Basically, I can't get the people that have the skills to do what I want because I can't pay them. So I wait. It sucked to have to kill the 10th anniversary thing but really, what else could I do. I was busy finding a new home to live in and everyone else seemed busy as well. I can't force people to do this site, so it's up to me and I can't program it. So I'm going to try to make some changes around here, not huge ones but enough to start streamlining the place a bit more and cut down on the dead content. It's better than nothing.
This year, I'm going to be more selfish. I'm going to talk about myself a bit more, share what I do more often, and stop letting everyone else railroad me into talking just about them, their interests or whatever. I'm tired of feeling resentful that others only talk about themselves. That way I don't have to feel ignored and they might actually have to take/fake an interest in me. Ok so maybe not so harsh but yea, I need to share myself a bit more, and maybe a bit more forcifully with those around me that aren't good at asking me about what I'm into. Instead of waiting to be asked, I need to do what they do, just tell.
Tshirts. - I'm sick of them. I want them out of here. - BUY ONE NOW!

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