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May 07 2007

I have a backyard.
That's right, a backyard. It has lots of space, stuff that is growing, a shed, a whole lot of rather large rocks, a great amount of smaller rocks and various bits of wood.

What's really fun is tearing roots out of the ground. It makes a wonderful ripping and tearing sound that almost sounds like bones crunching.

A moment for Eddie Dean of New York.
The book is halfway finished; The end is near. Oh Discordia indeed. For all those who haven't read the final Dark Tower book, look away. In my world, as I'm reading the books, the sad business of Eddie Dean has unfolded. Sure it's been written for a while but in my world of reading, it's just happened.

Reluctantly I'm reading the final book in the Dark Tower series. I say reluctantly because it's the last of seven books and means that, once I'm done reading this book, it's all over. The tale will have been told and that's that. I've been reading this series for a long time and after all this time, there will be an ending on the story.

When I first heard of Stephen King's brush with mini-van death years ago, I thought "That bastard better not die before he finishes the Dark Tower series."
Well, the bastard actually finished and now I'm reading it, putting an end on all the years of reading this story.

While maintaining an equilibrial state seems to be an intuitively rational method for enabling an organization to gain a sense of consistency and solidarity, existing on the edge of a chaotic state remains the most beneficial environment for systems to flourish develop and grow.

Chaos Theory in Organizational Development

People of the future will probably have:
Incredibly white teeth - This whole new obsession with white teeth is leading to more and more people dumping money into the dental industry. The odds are that products will be developed that end up ensuring that teeth just don't stain at all. (Most likely some sort of product you start using as a kid that does something to you and your adult teeth before they even grow in.
A face without glasses- There will be contact lenses for eye problems that can't be fixed directly and the rest will be easily dealt with by way of lasers or whatever else they've come up with. Older people will also wear the contacts, or be among those that refuse to let go of having glasses. Colored contacts might be more popular and start to be a fashion thing that all teenagers start to demand.
The Gore's can STILL cram it.
I don't care how much they do for the environment, it's just an attempt to make up for all the total bullshit that Mrs. Tipper Gore tried to pull in the 80's. For any of you in the US that like heavier music, or music where they swear or anything like that, you should hate this woman for trying to shut it all down in the US. Of course her husband was in full support, so keep that in mind when you watch his movie, IF you watch it.

Random research.
Stuff Wikipedia & other online sources say but use your own brain to determine what you think.

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