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Jan 4 2007

All moved in.
So I've been in my new house for a few months now, and yep, I'm still working away on it. Of course, it's a never-ending project. That's ok though, I've been enjoying almost all of it. I end up working away on something and then lose track of time, making it tough to connect with people online or reply to emails. By the time the work is done, my brain has shut down and can't reply to anyone. (Having a new computer where my mail hasn't been quite set up yet doesn't help either actually but that's a whole different thing.)
It's weird but for the first month or two, it felt so weird to not have an official job with someone else. I work for myself now and it's quite the change. I don't have to get up for a specific time, and after the first two weeks, I'm waking up by 9am at the latest and after having a coffee, just HAVE to find something to do. Some people are able to sit around and do nothing for weeks on end, but I'm not one of those people. I have to do something, anything. Luckily for me, there are house projects I can work on and I've begun to do the work I need to do for my own company. Even then, I sometimes get a bit stir-crazy and have to escape. It's been great having a backyard I can go wander around in and get some fresh air.
Look mom, I cleaned without being yelled at.
It's insane but I've even enjoyed shoveling the snow on my driveway. That's totally insane for me because I spent all the years I lived at home with my parents avoiding the shoveling of snow. All the shit I used to HATE to do at my parents house I don't mind doing now. All the chores and cleaning I used to avoid like the plague aren't a problem anymore, and I even remember that dirty glasses go all the way to the dishwasher instead of just being left wherever I finished with them. Did I sell out? No. I grew up. When you're younger you don't want to do that shit and honestly, I didn't even think to do it. I never gave much thought to the cleaning and anyone picking up after me (thanks mom) but now I get it. I've had a locker where a rotten sandwich spent a full year turning into fruit flies and mold. I had milk in plastic glasses get SO bad that it turned into a solid piece to be tossed away. Now, I clean, I keep things (mostly) tidy and everything. And they said there was no hope for me. Look who is all grown up NOW fuckers. Scary.
New Years.
This was the first year that I've actually had a New Year's party of any sort. Poptart came from Ottawa, two friends were here from in-town, and Red, PezGirl and their little PezBaby made the trip here too. Before they had arrived, I wondered if the house was big enough to have all of them here without people tripping over each other and I was quite happy to discover that everyone fit just fine, had enough space to do what they wanted, and those who partied didn't disturb the PezBaby while he slept. I went to bed around 5am that night and just before I did fall asleep, I thought about the people in the house with me, how they were all comfy and happy, and decided that the house was finally my home. How sappy is THAT? Well I don't care. I worked my ass off to get to where I am and if I'm happy to have a home then you should be happy for me. That's better.
So now it's 2007. I remember back in high school math class, when we had to figure out what year it would be when we each turned 30. Well, this is the year for me. In July I turn 30 and leave my 20's behind me. So far, I simply don't care. If anything, I find it kind of funny that I'll be 30. Besides that, this is the year I've decided to kick some ass, be less worried about stuff and to get this site going like I want it to.

More random research.
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Of course, I can't stop reading things and in those moments where I'm tired and can only manage to read online (sorry, not chat or email or anything else so deal with it) then I look up random stuff to read about. Usually I end up on Wikipedia.

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