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Sept 03 2007

BRATS to school.
HA HA all you brats have to go back to school. You brats have been holding us adults back all summer, as you get your asses dragged around on vacations, clog up the streets with your slow walking, making noise with your faces and all that crying when you don't get your way. It's finally time for you to sit in class and try to make you a bit more useable for society as a whole for next summer. While you are in school, we adults can finally relax and get some peace and quiet. We can go to our jobs and work away, knowing that you aren't at home, tearing the place apart, or roaming the streets in packs and txting each other like drones. You brats should be in school all year long just to keep you from doing stupid shit and getting in my way.

All summer long I've seen you brats doing stupid shit.
- Throwing rocks at parking signs.
- Revving your engines and trying to race each other in your parents cars.
- Trying to climb small trees, almost killing the them by snapping off branches.
- Yelling at each other over stupid shit in public places.
- Wearing really stupid clothes and WHY must you wear your hats tilted?!
- Wandering around the streets with ipods on, none of you talking to each other.
- Breathing air and wasting space.
- Pretending you're hardcore when you're just some idiot kid.
- Yapping on your cell phones, becoming safety hazards as you tune out the real world.
- Not doing your job right because you somehow think the world owes you money for free, when you could make the whole experience less shitty for us all if you just do your job and take some pride in it.

So finally, you are being sent back to school and out of my way. Make sure you attend all your classes and pay attention, because what you need to learn is a good WORK ETHIC and how to be USEFUL in society, because you sure aren't now.

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