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May 28 2006

For the record.
Ok so I'm done being silly and bitching about others. Seriously. It's got to stop. So I'm stopping. Sometimes I get frustrated with others who confuse me with who they think I am, and who I really am. Sometimes I get frustrated when I expect people to be something other than they are. It's all part of being human I guess, but I've been giving great thought to who are really my friends, and who are simply online strangers. I'm sorry to those who are my true friends and that I get frustrated with them at times. Hopefully they don't get too frustrated with me as well.

What is going on?!
I've been quite busy the last month, even though I don't feel like I really have been. Yet I do. I'm not making sense. It's ok because I know I'm not making sense. The humidity has tricked me into thinking I'm far more tired than I am. I've only been home a few nights out of the last week or so. No matter what hotel I stay at, my own bed is always best of all. It will be dismantled and dragged to my new home though. When I find one.

That's right, I'm moving. This is much needed for many reasons, mainly that change is needed in my life and the opportunity for it seems to be knocking. There are always drawbacks to any sort of change, but in order to get anywhere in life, change is needed. You may have to give up one thing in order to get five back. It's how the world works and I'm ready to embrace the change. It's tough though, because I'm moving a couple hours away from where I am now. This isn't making most people happy to hear of the move. I'm hoping they understand and make the effort to come visit every so often. I'm looking forward to this change and I'm hoping those around me can understand and support it. Whatever happens, at least I can finally say I've tried. So I'm trying.


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