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Tuesday March 28

Poptart came down for a visit from Ottawa. Sadly, Herbert joined him, but was actually pretty well behaved. Saturday Red joined us for the evening and to watch the hockey game. Went for a hike Sunday at Spencer Gorge. It was neat to look over the edge of the cliff. I took a lot of photos as per usual, and perhaps some will turn out decent. Being out there takes my mind off the everyday bullshit, which is greatly appreciated. Sure I had to wear my mittens but other than that it was a great day out. Poptart managed to escape without Herbert. That’s right, that fluffy bastard was left at my place. Luckily, he’s got a new friend, the monkey that was thrown out of his last house. Perhaps Herbert can help him sort out his feelings and this monkey can go on to live a productive life. The poor monkey was never even given a name.

Speaking of photos, I once again got a number printed off (this time without borders) to be put into the cool frames I was given. (Each holds 12 normal sized photos.) I also got a number of larger prints done which have been put into proper portfolios. There is a gallery owner up north that is interested in having some of my photos put up her gallery so finally she’ll have some to select from. Hopefully she likes a few.
I’m hitting that point where I’m not sure what else to do. Basically I know that I have to start playing with the camera a bit more now that I fully understand all the settings (pretty much). I’ve been experimenting a bit so I think I just need to push it a bit further. As for where all this is heading, I have no idea. It’s something that I enjoy and I’m happy for that.

Did I say I was happy? Yes, yes I did. I’m happy with photography for the most part. As for happy in general, I can’t say that at the moment. While nothing is horribly wrong, last week was frustrating. I was forced to say goodbye to an online friend of mine, which sucks a lot. It sucks a lot, because there are times in life where you develop friendships with people, care about them but due to their treatment of themselves or you, the friendship must end. While it’s a shitty thing to have to do and go through, sometimes it’s simply for the best. For anyone else out there who has had to say goodbye, you’re not alone.

Carry on.
With all that being said, it’s my mission this week to not let this get to me like it did last week. I need to start getting stuff done again. So, this week should bring new content to TID as I will be trying to focus on that instead of all the other shit going on in my head at this point in time.

TV makes me think of questions.
There was a show about pyramids on the other day, talking about how those in Egypt were created for the sole purpose of putting a dead person in it and that’s it. I think that they were silly to spend so much time and effort on something that, after shoving a dead pharaoh in it, would be sealed off and never used again except to look at. That’s just stupid! Why not create a few extra rooms within it for use by those still around? A room for special worship or meetings or something. Seems to be a bit of a waste to have that large of a structure around but not be able to go in it or anything. Why don’t we have apartment buildings shaped like pyramids? I think that would be pretty cool, especially for the person at the top. Sure you couldn’t fit as many people in it as a rectangle/square building but at least it’d be interesting to look at. All buildings around here look the same. Let’s face it, in 1000 years they’ll be digging through our dumps and wondering if we ever accomplished anything interesting besides how to make shit that rots away underground for centuries. I can’t honestly say I’ve seen any modern building that can in any way compare to the pyramids and other large structures made back then. Now all we get are boring boxes and when they put in some funky glass or water fountain, it’s suddenly creative and new. How boring. Everything is beginning to look the same in every city. The big stupid Home Depots and Walmarts, the poorly planned out malls filled with chain stores, boring gray apartments and the huge expanses of houses that all look the same. Then everyone wonders why kids sit indoors all the time and get fat. The outside is now devoid of real nature, parents can’t deal with the idea of germs, scare their kid shitless about being outside to begin with and a backyard is now a 2 foot by 2 foot patch of grass. So yea, back to the point, why build the pyramids to be sealed off and never used again except to walk around and awe at?

I'm sick of them. I want them out of here. If you have any suggestions on how to sell them quicker, then let me know.
This rocks. Sit back and watch this demo of a game that will be coming out. It's total insanity in all the right ways.

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