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Sunday March 12

Found out there was an extra family member in my family that had been kept a secret for a while. Huh? Now I have another uncle. Weird. Perhaps one day I'll be able to meet him.

Found out that PezGirl and Red will be having a RedPezBaby. That will make me an aunt. Congrats to them.
Went to Toronto and had fun. Visited the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum). I must say that their exhibits are poorly laid out and the collections leave a lot to be desired. There are only three dinosaurs, the rest to return in TWO YEARS. That's right, two years. The rest of the exhibits are cluttered and poorly labeled, leaving you feeling bored and ripped off. That sucks a lot because it doesn't have to be that way. I could easily create better exhibits and layouts than what they had. Half the time while walking around, you wound up in a dead end, or confused as to how to get to the rest of the exhibit. That said, I did enjoy the company and had fun wandering around looking at the things that I can normally only see on TV.

Slept in late, trying to catch up on sleep lost during the week. I didn't do much the rest of the day really. Caught up on cleaning up my place and moving some bookshelves that I kept elbowing by accident. My hips and legs were actually a bit sore from all the walking done on Friday in Toronto.

Did some drawing, did some work and spent some time at a family event. I know it doesn't sound like much and really, it's not. I went to post up two lists and couldn't find them, which frustrated me to the point that I didn't update anything, including the three rants that drunkennewfiemidget sent me. I will have to do that tomorrow, if I'm not too worn out after wandering around more golf courses taking photos for work.

I'm sick of them. I want them out of here. If you have any suggestions on how to sell them quicker, then let me know.
This rocks. Sit back and watch this demo of a game that will be coming out. It's total insanity in all the right ways.

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