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Monday March 6

Look, I'm trying to update more often! Yes, I know, no one cares.

I had 136 photos printed up, so I was able to sort through them and decide which I wanted in the two cool frames I was given a bit ago. (Each holds 12, and I needed to see how they'd look in the frames etc) Sadly, they were all printed with a small border on them, so I have to get the 24 I picked to be in the frames to be re-printed without the border. I'm happy with the way the photos turned out well, it's been a long time since I've gotten some done!

Spent most of the day cleaning, then went to the casino with Red and PezGirl. I'm not a big fan of casinos, mostly due to the constant noise. This casino was especially annoying as all the machines are bunched in together, so you're practically sitting on the lap of the person beside you. I didn't even bother with a slot machine, and instead went straight to the bar. Had a few over-priced drinks, then went up into the horse-racing area where they have tvs showing races. I made a few bets, won one or two and then it was time to go home.

Finished up the cleaning I started on Saturday. It's nice to have a clean place again. Been getting rid of some crap and clothes I don't want anymore. That evening, my friend Kellykins came to visit. I hadn't seen her in over a year, so we got caught up on each others lives. Hopefully we start hanging out more, as I need to get out and do new things. She mentioned wanting to take a photography class, so that would be cool to take with her. She couldn't stay long but we had a fun time.

I spent most of the day having fun (not being sarcastic) with my boss going to two golf courses. It was my job to take photos of the various lighting and bulbs that they were using so that we could help them streamline it all. It's funny that people just don't care about burnt out bulbs, or even having them giving off the same color light. It takes just a little effort and makes the place look maintained, yet most people just don't bother.

Things I've bought lately:
Glasses - Drinking glasses were on sale at (sigh) Pier 1. They are green and blue glass, and are pretty damn funky for $2.00 each.
Weights - I can finally begin to work out with weights! Look out everyone, I'll be able to kick twice as much ass. That is a whole lot of ass kicking!
Gorrilaz CD - That's right, I heard them online, liked them, downloaded some of their mp3s and then BOUGHT THE CD.
I'm sick of them. I want them out of here. If you have any suggestions on how to sell them quicker, then let me know.
This rocks. Sit back and watch this demo of a game that will be coming out. It's total insanity in all the right ways.

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