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Aug 23 2006

Well, not you people here at TheInsaneDomain, but those that currently live around me. I'm OUT of here. I've ENOUGH. Just to make sure I got the point, my truck was broken into and someone attempted to steal it. Seeing as I've got special keys that make it so the truck won't run without them, the idiots attempting to steal it failed. Luckily enough, that's all they wanted and didn't touch anything else in the truck. CDs, a bottle of rye and more were left untouched. Still, they're bastards for even trying. Tore out the key-entry and the ignition, forcing us to have to have it all fixed and deal with this stupidity. Fuck them for stealing cars (and in this case just trying).

I'll cram that sign right up your ass!
While I'm at it, fuck you idiots I see with signs at traffic lights. TRAVELLING AND BROKE - THANK YOU FOR ANYTHING YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE. I have this to contribute "Fuck you. Don't travel if you can't pay for it. The rest of us have to save up to travel, what makes you think we'll hand it over to you? Get the fuck out of our city and don't come back."
Then again, I've solved this problem haven't I? That's right, I'M MOVING AWAY!

I've noticed that you have four eyes.
It must be handy, having four eyes. If one gets dirt in it, you've got 3 others to keep you going. I'd imagine you'd be a pretty safe driver, being that you can see much more going on around you. All those signals jammed into your brain, I guess it's a better brain than mine so it can deal with it all. Can you make them wink all in a row and back again? That would be interesting to see.
Random research :
Arecibo message

Black Death
I read about this today and I couldn't help but wonder. Millions of people died and that changed a lot of things. If this hadn't happened, our past would be quite different than it is now. Who knows what sort of great things even just one of these people could have contributed to humanity. Who knows what even this kid could have contributed but didn't get the chance. Who knows how many of these chances we miss each day all over the planet. Who knows what you, the person reading this now is capable of contributing. Try not to miss your chance.

Too much SG1.
Yes, I watch sci-fi shows. And yes, I've been watching StarGate SG1 lately. Perhaps a bit too much, as I dreamt about being in it the other night. Sadly I wasn't actually part of the SG1 team, but being bossed around by one of the Go'aold weird looking dudes with the animal heads. I couldn't take them seriously though and ended up being taken away. (Come on, who can take those silly animal heads seriously?) Luckily I woke up before having to explain myself to an angry alien. That never goes well.
For those of you paying attention.
Along with my rampant insanity, there is a benefit to reading this section. Today, it's that I'm telling you about InsaneTalk. That's right, a forum for you to sign up and post on. This will be formally announced on the main page shortly, but I thought I'd let those who are paying attention know about it first. It's not exactly perfect yet (graphics will change and all) but hey, it's sure better than nothing isn't it? (Note to all who know me personally: You're NOT allowed to reveal personal info about me or I'll post those pictures I have of you on this site along with your email address. In fact, you're not invited on the forum at all anymore! For those who want to pester me with requests to post on a billion times NO and you're not invited either.)
Tshirts. - I'm sick of them. I want them out of here. - BUY ONE NOW!

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