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Aug 6 2006

Peeping Tom.
It’s a BAND. I’m not a peeping Tom, or peeping Jane. (What IS the term for a female version? Someone look that up for me.) Anyway, yes it’s a band and Mike Patton is in it. While this band is visiting Toronto soon, I am not attending the concert. Sigh. I will have to hope that they, or another of Patton’s projects, tour by again sometime soon. Yet another strike against me, I don’t even have the new cd or have heard more than a single song off of it. I know, shame on me. (I know Schizoid will read this and be shaking his head at me while saying “tisk tisk.”.)

Black socks.
They never get dirty. The longer you wear them, the stronger they smell. Sometimes, I wish I could wash them. But something inside me says, no, no, not yet.

I need to buy a Static X cd. No wait, YOU do.
Someone should send me a Static X cd. Normally I’d say to include your return address or email so I could say thanks, but I’ve decided to accept that I’m pretty useless at replying (not for lack of wanting to, but I get distracted.) so instead anyone who ever sends me things, I’m quite thankful and truly appreciate it. Yea, so where is my Static X cd already? Maybe someday that will work. No? I didn’t think so either.

Pack up your pots and pans and off you go.
I’ve begun to pack up my stuff for the move north. It’s become obvious that I have a lot of books. I knew I had a lot, but I’ve been buying a lot of them lately, and since moving into this apartment, I know I’ve brought in a LOT of books. Yesterday I even bought one, an atlas. It’s a good thing I am moving into a house, I need the room for my books.

I think I’m paranoid?
While speaking with Mzebonga, we both admitted that our webcams are forever turned to the wall when not on. (I think I read somewhere that McDiablo does this as well.) Are we paranoid? Perhaps, but I just can’t have it staring at me, even if it’s unplugged completely. The people who go on TV and let their every moment be recorded are just insane, and in a way I can't relate to in the least.

Let me be your pharaoh.
Put me in charge of the planet and obey my every command. I promise you, within 10 years, the earth will be a better place for us all. I'll get some of us off this planet and give our species a future. Long live pharaoh JCP!

Having my own show?
No, not a TV show, but a photography show. It's been suggested by a few people who have seen my photography, and honestly, I think it would be neat to have one. I have no idea how to have one or anything though, but it sounds neat. I'll have to give that a try. It would be cool to have someone want to actually buy a print from me or something. I'm planning on framing some of my photos for use in my own home when I move, it will be cool to see some of them on the wall.
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