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Aug 1 2006

So I threw a tantrum.
I spent time making a journal entry here, only to have it deleted somehow, some way. I HATE WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I threw a tantrum. I stomped, punched things and yelled about how much I hate this stupid website. It took me a while to calm down, probably because it's so damned hot out and it makes for crabby behavior. I don't think I should have punched my desk chair though, as I didn't hit it right and my wrist is now sore.

That's right, I'm packing up my shit and moving a good 3 hours away. HUZZAH! This will be the first time I'm moving out of the city I was born in. Almost 30 years in this stupid city and finally I'm escaping! I've been waiting my whole life for this and finally, after years of working our asses off, we can finally start to live the life that we've wanted. A new chapter in my life will begin. Not only will I be in a new home, my FIRST house, but I'll be getting a new job, being in a new town and everything. I'm looking forward to all the work I'll have to do in the house (sanding, priming, painting, building things) as well as the chance to find a new job that will hopefully give me some satisfaction, as well as a chance to get to use more of my skills than I do now. I can't imagine what the future will bring me there, but I'd rather go find out than sit here the rest of my life wondering "what if".
Mmmm Johnny Depp.
While dining with drunkennewfiemidget, he was surprised to find out that I am a fan of Johnny Depp. Fear and Loathing is my favorite movie, and drunkennewfiemidget couldn't even get through it without turning it off! Needless to say, we argued about it for a few seconds before I proclaimed him to be jealous and just trying to be different by hating someone that everyone else likes. After that I plugged my ears and hummed.
Stranger than fiction?
Crazy stalker guy tries to go after JCP, telling her he loves her. JCP tells him to fuck off, and finally he does. Then crazy stalker guy finds another married woman to profess his love for. New married woman falls for this and decides to meet up with crazy stalker guy. Months later and neither have been heard from since.
Which begs these questions :
Where is the body hidden? How many pieces is it in? Did he kill her?
Did she kill him? Did the husband find out and kill them both?

Odd things I worry about :
Clenching my teeth too hard will cause them to break.
I frown too much at the computer.
Aliens might come to earth and leave without me.
I might break my own wrist while throwing a tantrum someday.
That the pyramid my slaves are working on won't be completed before my death.

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