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Monday April 17

Francis J Worthington III Mzebonga.
Well he actually arrived on time and safely in Canada. That's right, he's visiting me all the way from the UK. Visiting? Ok, well I've hired him on as a butler. So far he's fetched my slippers and suffered through abuse, so I won't fire him just yet. Also, it's good to have someone else to play GTA : San Andreas with.

On holiday.
So for the next two weeks, I'm off work to hang out with Mzebonga. Some trips are planned, including a visit to Johnny Poptart in Ottawa. I'm hoping to get some work done here on the website, we'll see how much I actually get done. There are some articles I need to write, and some photos to be taken as well for them. (I've even made a list. I hope you're all impressed.) Though really, I'm on holiday, why should I do anything at all?

I've recently become aware that I've not been doing a lot of writing lately. Sure, I've taken an obscene amount of photographs, but my level of writing has drastically dropped in the last number of months. I probably just needed a bit of a break. Speaking of writing, I need to respond to some emails. (Just checking it would be a good idea I'm sure.)

The television, my internet connection at work (FIBRE), and now this laptop are LAGGING. What is going on and WHY is this stuff messing with me all the time? Seriously, I don't change anything in the settings or anything and stuff just fucks up when it's me who touches it. I'm cursed. If someone wants something tested then don't ask me because it will ALWAYS crash for me, even if I just walk in the room. I'm enough to drive any programmer MAD chasing down odd errors that never happen to anyone but me. Wah, wah and wah.
I'm sick of them. I want them out of here. If you have any suggestions on how to sell them quicker, then let me know. (And NO I will not pose in JUST the tshirt you sick freaks.

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