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Tuesday December 27

People gave me stuff.
It seems that people around me like me as they have given me stuff this year. Stuff I liked. Isn't that nice of them? Seeing as I have nothing else to write about at the moment, I'll share with you all the things I have received. You don't have to pretend to be interested.

As mentioned in my previous entry, I have a new camera to play with. So far I've managed to figure out the macro settings on it. PezGirl and I may be taking a photography class so that I can learn how to properly use all the settings on this. Then I'll be able to take fancy photos and you'll all be jealous. Perhaps.
Go look at some of the photos I've taken lately. And look, I even made some wallpapers.

Willy Wonka & Waydowntown
Not only am I a Depp fan but also a Roald Dahl fan. So of course I wanted the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory movie. Huzzah, someone even got me the special edition which probably means more stuff to watch. I also received Waydowntown, a movie I haven't seen in quite awhile due to only having a VHS copy and I'm not about to hook up the VCR just to watch it. Now I don't have to as I finally have it on DVD.
Seeing as I like to draw stuff, I was glad to receive some portfolio cases. Now I just have to sort through and pick out what I want in them.
Napoleon Dynamite.
Sure I like this movie and for some reason I received a few gifts from this movie. In speaking with others, it seems that a lot of people got stuff like this. So I guess that the merchandising campaign for this did pretty good at slapping the name on everything.
Gift certificates .
As per usual, gift cards have been received. They are for various places and I guess at some point I'll have to drag my ass out and use them.
They're useful, you have to admit.

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