It was left to you, the freaks, to vote for the best way for these peeps to die.
We let you select from a list of ways for peeps to die and these were the top ten voted for. We began to kill a peep each way listed below and provide photos!

JCP and Mzebonga have since killed a number of them, randomly updating this section as new peeps are killed.

If you don't know what these peep things are, they are nasty tasting marshmallow blobs that are supposed to look like baby chickens.
Why are we killing them? LOOK at them, they're asking for it.

JCP Mzebonga

Confirmed Kills:
Roasted over a campfire - NEW!
Jelly beans jammed up it's ass (Mzebonga helped)
Perform voodoo, using lots of pins (Animated gif)
Soak in a powerful cleaning fluid
Leave in kitty litter box to get pissed on

Confirmed Kills:
Run over with truck
Burn with fire
Lost At Sea

Top Votes

Jam jelly beans up its ass until it explodes : Watch it die!
Run over with a truck : Watch it die!
Burn with fire : Watch it die! : Watch it die again!
Perform voodoo, using lots of pins : Watch it die! (Animated gif)
Soak in a powerful cleaning fluid : Watch it die!
Tear apart using hooks and ropes
Leave in kitter box to get pissed on : Watch it die!
Freeze and then beat with a hammer
Put in the toilet and shit on, then flush
Beat with a hammer
Melt in a pot
Boil in water
Slice up
Microwave : Watch it die!
Chew up and spit out

We asked you freaks what you thought we should do to the peeps, so here is what you sent in:

After melting them in a pot make them on big peep then shove the jelly beans up their ass...and if they don't explode than shove a bottle rocket up their ass then start the process over if the big peep isn't fully dead...until the whole damn thing is gone....muhahahahahahahah!

Cover them in blood and throw em to rabid dogs - superman dave

Cut off there heads

Dip it in acid

Drive burning pencils into it

Ejaculate on them for a "peep money shot"

For each suggestion do that to one peep, it would be fun


Have a little holocaust reenactment, put some in the gas chamber, take them out of their protective shelter ( the packaging) and let them rot away in jail. Cremate them alive, and maybe even tie them to the back of a car and try to similate death marches. -me

i say we give them to the rats

it is called a m-80`s need i say more.

-jam them up your ass then pull out and flush -whatever u do video tape it all. -have mzebonga fly one back to uk flush it there and see if it comes back to canada -put in blender with eggs -put pins in there eyes

leave in sun, throw at wall...

Melt them, but you have to FILM it.

My favourite one: D) ALL OF THE ABOVE

Opperated on by an intoxicated monkey with rusty items such as nordic war spears. Or charged at with pitch forks fire: fire

Paint them brown(don't wait for it to dry) or roll it on dog shit and throw it at pedestrians... until its good and trampled and crammed with gravel, squeez it.. mold it, then repeat.

Place under your armpits and run a mile or two, the heat will melt them, and then get a dog to lick the purple goo off.

Play basketball with them until its head is brain damaged

put a firecraker in its ass and light the fuse and see it blow

put them on a steak

Remove their eyes and replace them with those of a cat (Why? Because it'd be cool). Then make a small incision down the front of the purple peep and insert a small nuclear device. Following that, bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 200 degrees and await the fireworks. Failing to aquire a nuclear device will not be a problem. You could probably make one... if all of the above seems a bit hard to carry out, mail the purple peep to president Bush including a note to say it's some sort of terrorist explosive, and watch your purple peep appear on television with the bomb and firing squad. It'll probably get mutilated by some dog after that if it's not already blown to bits by a trigger-happy American with a sub machine gun. - Mort.

Shoot them with a shotgun.

shove paper into them then throw them into a fire

Shoved up the nose and sneezed out.

Smash them until they bleed puke!!

Spray with high powered hose.

stick dynamite up thier ass

stuff them into Hitler's asshole

They have little eyes that look very creepy and I want to hug them until their heads pop off. Love Herbert

Thow one away, burn seven of them, sit on two, perform Voodoo with one, and finally, do as many horrible things as possible to the last two.

trap in cardboard box and take to nearet dump, set box aflame then drop into one of the car smashers, after, priceed with the jammin up the ass with jellybears till they explode, then put them in the litter box ad wait till the cat pisses on them, drop in toilet and shit on them, fill the toilet with gasoline and prceed to ignite, afterwords finde all the peices and shove them up bin laden's ass somewhere in a cave along with a few pineapples. Find vodo doll of Osama, make him "mount a llama" burn off his arms and legs and his non-existant weiner and torch with flame thrower, and roll over with tank and find a H-Bomb and Shove it down his throght and run! - three sick and twisted and obsessed with shoving things up peoples ass kids that are evil minded... and the list goes on.

Use high powered sander and sand the little (*)&%@$#^!!! to death.

use my suggestion of before to melt in a pot and then add rice krispies and make rice krispie treats and then feeds em to the monkeys at the zoo? -The Bubble