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Movies: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter (Prisoner of Azkaban, the first two sucked), Van Helsing, Resident Evil, Hellboy (I suppose), anything science-fiction/medievil times-ish

Books / Authors: Lord of the Rings (I have an obsession), Harry Potter, All of the dozen or so Shannara books by Terry Brooks, all of the happy Redwall books (warrior mice yay) by Brian Jacques, Eragon by Christopher Paolini, the freaky Darkangel Trilogy and a book called Dragonworld whose authors' names I cannot recall

Hobbies: I have a homemade weaving loom. I weave because I can. I spend my time weaving, watching Lord of the Rings, reading every science fictiony book I can find, playing Halo 2, and trying to keep my cats from killing me or anyone else.

Life in general: In my sophomore year I got in trouble with the principal for talking about sporks as execution tools because a couple of ditzy girls went and told on me. All who do not recognize insanity when they see it shall be next on my list of ha ha. I frighten most people because of my bluemonkey thing, and for all the junk I said in middle school. If I wasn't me, I think I would have been afraid of some crazy chick saying she was a reincarnated cockroach, too. However, now that I have refrained from hissing at everyone around me, I have a social life and, although I am still avoided by most, life is good. Some attempt to get me to renounce my insanity, but, despite repeated attempts, no one can give me back my mind. It is permanently gone.