That's right, it's come to this.

How long has this site been around?
Since 1996, go read the
history of TheInsaneDomain.

Can you guys add a link to my website?
We link back to those who link to us in our community section..

So I emailed you to say I wanted to be added to your community, but I'm still not there? It's been 5 minutes, wtf?
Obviously we try to get to updating this stuff, however, if you haven't even bothered to put a link on your site to us, then we'll simply delete your request and move on. Plus, we pretend to have lives so just bloody well wait for us to update the links.

Are you actually selling Sock Monkey Porn Star tshirts?
Yes! Go buy several.

Are you actually selling Partner Pillows?
No, it's just an article.

Where can I find a list of recent updates?

I find your site highly offensive. Please stop.
See that little button that says BACK? All you have to do is use that or the one that says X, and you won't have to see us again. It's THAT simple! While you're away from our site, you might want to pick up a sense of humor.

I love you guys and I want to move in with all of you and become part of your lives and maybe even families if you have halfway decent brothers or sisters (I'm not picky! I'll be mostly imagining your faces on them anyway.) So where do I tell the moving truck to take my stuff?
The way it works is that you send us great amounts of money for about 100 years, and then, not only can you move in, you can sleep in our beds with us. Start sending money and gifts of appreciation here.

Why do you have this site?
Insane people needed somewhere to go and read stuff for awhile without having banners and popups cluttering up their screens.

Can I start sending in tons of my shit for you to post online?
NO. While you can write us and beg to become a contributor, we only allow so many active contributors at a time. When a spot is open, we'll let people know and you can then apply. In the meantime, create your own website and
link to us. We just can't post everything that everyone sends into us.

Who the hell are you people and where are you from?
Most of us are from Canada, the rest are mostly from the UK. Here is where you find info on each member.

If you're mostly from Canada and the UK, why are you missing the letter U in your words like colour, favourite etc?
We're lazy and anti-U.

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