Friday June 11
Answered by JCP

If I'm in the shower, with the shave gel can at the side of the tub, will it explode because of the heat in the bathroom? i've always sort of wondered- Hufflebunny
Well the first thing to do is read the label and find out. However, I highly doubt that they would create a product that would explode from the heat of a shower.

ummm....why do you even answer these questions
Well when they're wonderful questions as this one, with tons of thought put into it, how could I not?

If my karma ran over my dogma where do I go to replace it?
Dogma store. Where else?

What do boogers smell like? or What do farts look like?
The next time you pick your nose, before you eat the snot, sniff it. And farts don't look like anything unless they're wet farts and then they look like you've shit your pants.

what is wrong with arson ??
If you're burning cool stuff then it's wrong.

i havent asked any questions in a while. does anyone miss me? or does time have no relevance? JAG
Time is an illusion. Sure we missed you, start sending in some questions again.

i thinks its possible to blame parents for everything. what do you think? JAG
Well not EVERYTHING, since grandparents are to blame as well.

this is the real, old-school seth. someone has been using my name in my absence! also, jessica is my girlfriends little sister, and her name's been mentioned here, along with brandy , her stepsister. shit's been odd here, eh? oh, and i finally checked out mr. bungle. i like it, it's crazy fucking shit! there is a question in here...
Aren't you popular! I'm not sure what's been going on with all that, but hey, shit is always odd here. Mr Bungle is indeed crazy shit, it's why I like it!

I have decided I need a new somewhat cooler name. Any suggestions? I mean, this one just isn't insane at all... - ferretchick
Where did this one even come from? How about Spanky? Freda Creda? Spank Sausage? What do you think?

Did u ever light your ass hairs on fire?
No I'm not that stupid.

The Summer Sucks list is awesome. I mean, I love summer, but I do understand there are things about it that suck a lot. Have you thought of anything else you could add to that list? McDiablo
Why thank you, I'm glad you liked it. I haven't thought about adding any more quite yet, but since you're a 'pending' member, you can type up any you have and mail them in. As for the rest of you, burn in hell. Oh no wait, that's not right is it. Nevermind. It's been a long day and it's Friday so my brain has stopped working.

Why does my cat keep licking the refridgerator door? McDiablo
Someone spilt something on it, or your cat is just weird and trying to confuse you all into buying it tuna.

Has this ever happened to you--upon waking up, you look outside to see it's overcast. You dress for rain, but three hours later the clouds have parted, the sun is out and it's hot as hell. McDiablo
It happens every day to me! Stupid weather is always plotting against me!

are you a mutha fukin ninja?!?!?!?
No, just a ninja. Now come here so I can kick your ass.

How come when one of my friends always get sick it seems like everyone else gets it from her? ~Jeepster
I think she is spitting in everyone's drinks and food when you're all not looking. That, or she's coughing directly into your faces to infect you all.

If it was raining out, much as it is today, and you were bored, what in the world would you do? Or suggest to do? ~Jeepster
Right now I'd sleep, and suggest everyone do the same. Other then that, I'd say do some reading. I have a number of books to finish.

wheres the friggin chat room how the fk do i find out where ure answer is to me question
You're too stupid to be using this website. Do not return.

Wed June 16
Answered by JCP

if a reaalllllllly hot (im talkin anna kournakovia type hot) rich chick was born wit no taste buds and asked you to describe the taste of salt in exchance for a million bucks and a would ya do it?
I'd make a lot of faces and generally say whatever I want, as she obviously can't tell if I'm right since she can't taste. Then, I would sit back and enjoy my blow job and the million bucks. I would also be making a few extra millions by having sad people with no lives pay to watch a girl give a blow job to another girl.

Where is mister snuggle buns??? I miss him and I think the youngins are going mad with deppresion not having him around... Oh poor davys finding comfort in repeatedly smacking his forehead off the wall. Why Mr.SnuggleBuns??!!?! Oh WWHYYY?-ThePolice
Step 1: Stop eating sugar. Step 2: STOP EATING SUGAR. Seriously, this has obviously gotten out of control when you are jonesing for Mister Snuggle Buns like that. It's time for you to get a grip and deal with your addiction.

Have you lost touch with a friend that you wish you could spend more time with? McDiablo
Yes actually. I grew up two doors away from Amy, whom I haven't spoken to in a few years now. Normally I keep in contact with people via email, however she's rarely online and therefore doesn't reply to emails. I've lost her number, and I think she's lost mine. Eventually we'll cross paths again, our parents still live near each other.

Favourite chip flavour? McDiablo
I'd have to say dill pickle for the sole reason that no one I know likes it, so that means that I don't have to worry about all my chips being eaten. It works. Not only do I find that I always have chips, but they are also always crunchy as other people don't leave the bag open.

Where is Miss Roger's Sweaters' video camera? She moved in her aunt's house and it must be lost in the rubble. McDiablo
It's in a box with clothing actually. Someone thought that it'd be best to wrap it in something soft, and didn't think to mark the box. Although, if the aunt is crazy, she might have hid it on purpose or destroyed it thinking that aliens/the government would track you down.

So you DO know when DC is coming back? Give us a precise date, if so.
Damn, one of you caught on. Yes, I know when he's returning but I don't know the EXACT date. He will return for the month of July to answer questions, if he doesn't do anything silly like attacking someone with a fork.

minute amounts of tricoloured foam dribble from your rectum what did you eat?thatthinguywhodoesn'tknow
You SAY that you're a guy that doesn't know but come on, you know enough to come up with better questions. If you're having a problem with tricolored foam dribbling from your ass then just say so. Sure we'll all laugh at you, but we all laugh at each other anyway. For your problem, I suggest only eating foods that are the same color for awhile, and stop eating detergent.

why is the sky a insipid colour of barbie pink when I exude mice from my scrotum?
It's not the sky you see. What you are doing is somehow seeing through the eyes of your victims (the mice) and seeing the inside of your own ass.

why did the meow mix taste green?thatguythingwhocan'tbe
This is all part of your foam issue. Stop eating things that you're not supposed to!

Hi JCP.........have you heard of a band called slipknot? if so, do you like them? are you having a good day? and do you think jay leno is funny or just a loser with a big chin? sorry I couldn't think of one good question, thus my post consists of three random questions I just pulled out of my ass. Anyway, If you do like slipknot thier new album is out now.(just though I'd give it a mention)... _RealmO-K...
Of course I've heard of slipknot, and I may have one or two of their mp3s but all in all I'd have to say that no, I don't like them. I don't hate them either, but I wouldn't go out and buy their cds or anything. You could always buy their album for me and maybe I'd like them more! Today is alright so far, however it's still early. I am hoping that today won't suck too bad for once. Jay Leno isn't funny so I don't watch him, and I guess that falls under 'loser with a big chin'. See people, it's not that hard to come up with random questions that aren't just nonsense, just consult your ass!

What would you fill my christmas stocking up with? - nailnine
Ink. It's fun and it stains.

what if i can't find my way home from anywhere? tt
The simplest way to avoid this is to declare that where ever you are IS home.

Mon June 21
Answered by JCP

what is your opinion on abortion?- hufflebunny
I don't think that people should do that instead of figuring out how to use a condom, but having the option to have one is something that shouldn't be taken away. For those that say NO, I ask them what they would do if their 12 year old daughter was raped by an uncle/neighbor and got pregnant? Anyone who would make their daughter have that kid is just messed in the head and shouldn't have kids of their own to begin with. Also, some people do everything they can not to get pregnant, yet it still happens and puts their life at stake. If that baby is going to kill the mom and therefore itself, then the abortion is in fact saving a life.

Have you ever heard of a band, "If we were us" sadly, not many people have, i'm just wondering if you have? -Hufflebunny
No I haven't heard of them before.

*Ahem* Pardon, Excuse me... Um yes hmm, uh, mh, mh.. I...I *Cough* *Ahhemm*.. umm <---Okay , since when did this define neurotic and not abnoixous pathetic little man? And Yeah, the "umm"... Is a jewish thing to distract people from their noses to their thin vibrating lips,... I should know, being 1/8th jewish. So no snide remarks bout the racism I may feel... Anyways, umm... Does woody got constant flem in his throat? or what? could you explain the neuroticness in his manner?----WinIpCfg
Some people are just like that, regardless of their faith or race or whatever. I've met many people who stammer away incoherently, and there's no reason for it really. It's gotten him this far hasn't it?

Is it ok to sell a child if the market warrants it?
Sure but keep in mind that Ebay will stop your auction. They have some sort of 'rule' against it.

Have you ever felt that one part of your life will never change in its outcome? You may always try to suceed in a "romantic" relationship but its outcome has the same 'person(role)' responsible with the exact shift. I always sense a constant circle in ever relationship and I am trapped as being the "Hurter", even with friendships, I am the one casted aside or at fault, when they end. I feel almost cursed and I sometimes believe I sense the end of this but am always wrong,... I must learn to deal with the pain of my circle... So, Have you found a strong circle in your life that grasps you? How have you come to terms? and do you believe it can ever be broken?- Mousse
With friends, I used to have the problem of hanging out with people I didn't have much in common with. I'd end up going along with stuff I didn't want to do, just to keep the peace or to be what I thought they wanted me to be. Now, I would tell those same people off. I broke that circle, and it did take a bit of time sitting alone until I got new friends, but it was indeed broken. If you realize there is this circle/cycle going on, then break it. Start finding different types of people to hang with, or stop expecting everyone to perfect, or whatever it is that ends these relationships. If you're in school, you'll find that a lot of this bullshit disappears once you graduate, and to just wade through this bullshit the best you can until you do. If you're out of school, then you've got enough control in your life to find a new job, move away, find new friends and everything. Keep in mind that most people are just stupid and that finding the cool people takes a bit more work sometimes.

Why are there so many unique last names (family names) and not as many unique first names? - FrankRizzo90210
Many people like to use names they've heard before, and in many cases, that's a good thing. Some people have no idea how to properly name their children, as this article shows. As for the variety, I'm wondering if there really are more last names then first names.

After much annoyance, I [finally] downloaded Mozilla. I know you get pissy about people posting URLs in a question, so may I suggest that you put up a GIGANTIC link luring people to to be rid of the wrath of Bill Gates and Internet Explorer? McDiablo
That reminds me that I had downloaded that myself. Most people I know have already switched to this, so hey, let's all give it a try.

I can't remember the last time some bored idiot decided to send a millon questions at once. Could this possibly mean the morons are following the rules???
No! Now you've reminded them!

It was sunny in B.C. and rainy in Ontario. What is wrong with this picture? McDiablo
BC has mountains and we don't? That always seems unfair. I've never seen real mountains!

whats the fastest dirt bike?
MINE and you can't have it. Nice try.

Does Marge Simpson have blue pubic hair?
Well since she dyes the hair on her head, the odds are that she does not have blue pubic hair. If she dyes it due to just going gray, there might still be a bit of blue left, but I don't really know how that works.

Hey i live in trinidad do you know where that is most USA-ians don't and since i'm ASSUMING that you are a bit smater than those others i just wondered if you did and if you don't feel bad beacause you world isn't as open and offbeat and cool as you thought it was.
I live in Canada, more specifically, NOT IN THE US. All my life I've known many people from all over the world, including a number of those from Trinidad who have described your country to me, and shown me photos. So I guess my world is as cool and offbeat as I thought it was! Here is info on Trinidad for those who don't know anything about it.

What's you're most favourite quote in the world? Seriously
To be honest, I don't have just one. From Homer saying 'You suck diddlyuk Flanders.' to something that some physicist like Stephen Hawking says about the universe that makes me think, there are so many people have said some truly amazing things that I find it's impossible to pick one.

Did you ever think that you were outside the box and was havin a bitchin time looking at all the losers in the box then looked up and realised that you were just in a bigger box? and the thing was that unlike those losers in the smaller box you knew you were trapped in this bigger box, but you couldn't care less?
I bet those losers in the box wouldn't like someone pounding on the outside of it, but hey, that's what we're here for. Besides, I'm in SPHERE! Just like that one that ate all those people, pellets and flashing ghosts who kept jumping up and down.

Beauty comes from the inside that's a load of crock isn't it ? if it came from the inside why are so many girls starving themselves to look like people who are starving? wait i know the answer because the're stupid right? but what if that isn't it what if it's ony because they're tired of being the fat weird person? Wow ....lots of issuse here huh?
It's all the stupid people brainwashing others in to thinking that thin is what we all must be, or we're FAT. It'd be nice if people were just healthy. To me, the thin person who starves/pukes is just as bad as the fat person who won't stop eating junk food. Not everyone that is either of these is stupid, however they have been taken in by something or other that has made them feel messed up enough to become unhealthy. Beauty does come from the inside, and when you're healthy inside, you'll become healthy outside. It's not difficult to stay healthy, it's more difficult to fight the unhealthy ideas of others.

??Fathers Day?? Why dont we have Bastards Day!! for all of us folks that are one???
Bastards day is every day where I live. They all get in their cars and go celebrate by driving like horrible stupid bastards.

freedom is a chain isn't?Thatthinguywhois
Haven't I told you about writing in when drunk? It's ok when you're stoned because you spell properly, but when you're drunk you start leaving out words. As for your attempted question, short answer is "Yes", long answer is "No, with a maybe."

what is that dangly thing in your throat?
There are a great many things I've heard it called, which leads me to believe that no one really knows the truth. After cutting it off of myself (nearly choking to death on my own blood) I discovered a small transceiver in it. I'm guessing it broadcasts what we say, or maybe even think to whatever installed these things in the first place. Asking my parents about it only led to a trip to the hospital and heavy medications, so I don't suggest you try asking yours (unless you want some time off from reality).

do sock monkeys get periods?
Not that I'm aware of. If they did, I would have noticed their stained crotches and getting soaked with blood when I hugged them.

Tues June 29
Answered by JCP

It's my birthday on June 24. I guess I'm not getting another sock monkey from Miss Roger's Sweater, but that's cool. Apparently Emerald got me a present. Do you have any idea what sock monkeys usually buy? McDiablo
I'm glad I answered this after your birthday (happy belated birthday by the way), as I would have hated to spoil any surprise that Emerald had planned. How did it all turn out? She didn't email me to say, so I assumed that she was still recovering from the party.

What are two foods that you mix together? McDiablo
Coffee and pizza. I can't live without either of them.

Do you think Keanu Reeves is a robot? McDiablo
If he is a robot, he's one of those prototypes that just doesn't work well.

Why Can't we all just get along? why is the freezer full of cheese?thathinguywhois
People don't know how to share properly. Obviously, you are hoarding cheese, which means that you too don't know how to share. To evolve, you need to send cheese to me and everyone else here on this website. Share!

Hm... Why is it.... that the adolescent, childish, sad, stupid and slightly ironic questions are answerred so brilliantly, while knowing we only got 4.500000 years until the sun goes supernova on us..... And ... seriously, what is love ? Youth of the Nation
I answer all my questions brilliantly. <Bursts into laughter.> Ok, maybe not. Supernovas, distraught freaks, speeding cars, old age, something will wipe each and every one of us eventually, so you can't count on that supernova thing as much as you thought. Love is some sort of sickness.

how do you if you scuff your $300 shoes?
Your question seems to be missing a word or two, but basically, I'd never be wearing $300 shoes. That's just silly to spend that much amount on shoes.

allright i need ur help quick be cause hes got a really small pitch fork ... ok what do i do if all of the sudden my lawn knomb army turns on me jumps trou my window and eats all my scrabble letters because their just sitting their staring at me , i tried making fun of their god but they seam to madder and one poked me ...?! also do u like cake -br549-
Let's just skip to the cake part, as by now the gnomes should have torn your sorry ass apart. I like cake, however I do not like chocolate or carrot cake. If you did happen to survive the gnomes, I'd suggest not making fun of their god or the size of their hats.

Wish for gods powers? or Wish to be god? And I dont mean god as alla Large man with long white beard that the camera can never get a good shot of the face. Im meaning Not alanis morissette or Bob.. the anonymous thinker. I mean metapyhsical, Concieving the circumference of the sun, God. The gases and dust... God... Which is purly powerless or surely beyond human understanding.Well, I imagine stripping all our needs.. primal and evolved... we would go crazy and die. So that is god, death. Nothing. Huh. I think I'll just wish for a sandwhich with crispy lettuce and perfectly smelted cheese oohhh... and yves soy Chick'en (thats so proteinlicious I suspect the meat.) So you think my ''Ever possible wish'' suitable?-21-Down_Catfish
Go crazy and die? Don't mind if I do! Sure, sounds as good as any other idea I suppose. What I think should happen is that I become everyone's god and then I'll work it all out.

I've become attracted quite sexually mentally but hardly physical to a man... well hardly a man, more a boy, which shouldn't disgust you since I am a girl. No Im not Amy Gehring or any of those... Anyways our conversation are somewhat stimulating, but his apparent flaws... are so strong. Imagine elephant man to an child. He is attractive to some but you know... face science and paramones. His symmetry doesnt do it for me. Should my shallowness be solved/dealt or do you recommend ending this relationship thats been leaving him unsatisfied for to long and me urning to see a pretty face next time we meet? Obviously disgust is disasterous in a sexual relationship... yes I am a fool, but I believed it wouldnt matter, that my pulling.. my enjoyment of him would be strong. But i guess it hasnt been strong enough.---------- MaulMe
There's nothing saying you can't have ugly friends, so make him one of those. If it's something like he's unhealthy and overweight, then join something with him that encourages exercise and taking care of yourselves. If that doesn't work, then get a large garbage bag and cut out spots for the eyes, nose and mouth and insist that he wear it around you.

your not that attentive to the q&A section, are you?-polo
Sure I am. You're just to lazy to look around and realize that I have told everyone I would be away camping for awhile.

What are your suggestions for the summer vacation boredoms?-POlo
That list is being compiled and will be posted shortly!

Does Mzebonga have any friends in real life, like ones that everyone else can see too? FartMonkey
Being that he lives in the UK, and I live in Canada, I can not actually confirm the existence of these alleged friends there. I have heard of his going out with a friend for dinner, as well as a trip he's planning to visit a few friends. Since I will be one of those people he is meeting along the way, I suppose that I count as his only REAL friend, as I am fairly sure of my own existence. If anything, he is simply a character created to appear in the on going show that is my life. Obviously, his character has enough interest to warrant an actual appearance in August. I guess that means that I don't count as a friend either, so I guess the answer is no.

I've restrung a couple of my guitars, and now I have 12 of those little envelopes that the strings come in. What can I use these for? Or should I just tape them randomly on my wall(s)? FartMonkey
Your ceiling actually. Everyone always puts stuff on their walls, so be brave and attack that ceiling. Cover it all up with those envelopes, crazy posters/stickers, and you should even buy a sock monkey porn star tshirt and pin it up there too.

You know how they have those weird scales that tell you what you'd weigh on mars etc., those are just totally random numbers they give you, right? I mean who's gonna know? FartMonkey
Considering they have a pretty good idea what the atmosphere and gravity is like on Mars, I'd assume that the calculators (if they are using accurate data) are close to correct. The only way to prove them wrong is to go to Mars and weigh yourself.

What is the best way to waste a life on a 5 dollar payment per day and a 100 dollar payment per week?-Pops On Crack
Send all that money to me and I'll waste it all for you. I'd even send you emails with photos, showing you what I've done with the money.

When was the last time you admired the sky and contimplated alien domination?-__O__
Yesterday on my way home from Ottawa.

Whats your preference when greeting someone? I enjoy the "Lo", Or "Marbles!!" or sometimes "Got money?", You?__O__
I say "Hey" mostly, or just scream incoherently.

Since my birthday just passed, would you sing happy birthday to me? =) please? -Hufflebunny
It's best if I don't sing, so I'll just say 'happy birthday' to you instead.

If nothing ever sticks to teflon, how do they make teflon stick to the pan? -Em~B
Magic, mirrors and small bits of hair off random wild animals.

I tried jumping into the tv...well my head went clunk and I fell out on the floor. Did I do it wrong? Was I suppose to scream some magical words? Monkeeskittles
Yes you were, and you needed to have the channel on 3 or 4. Consult your tv listings channel for the words needed to enter tv world.

Do you like Jackass.... \RealmO-K
I've seen a number of episodes and have found some of them quite funny. The rest of the time, I sit there and hope that they've made themselves sterile.

here goes, Where do insects sleep? ( now don't tell me under rocks as when these are lifted there all moving and have you ever seen a insect giving it some zzzzzz's?)deviant
Oh I've seen them sleeping all right. I'd tell you where but we have an agreement where I don't tell everyone where they sleep, and they don't crawl into my ears and try to control me. If I were you, I'd just give up on looking for sleeping insects.

Because of an injury, I had metal put in my elbow. I think Thats pretty great, do you think its something I should be proud of? How Many people can say they've got metal in their elbow? =) -Hufflebunny
I don't have metal in my elbow, and must admit that it does sound sort of cool. I'm not saying that I want anything to happen to me where I'd need this, but hey, if you've got it, then be proud of it. Can you feel it in your arm? Can I?

Do the sock monkeys have any relation to Ed the Sock? -Hufflebunny
That I don't know. I would assume there is some common ancestor due to them being socks, but I may be wrong. Sock Monkey History isn't something I paid much attention to.

why do politicians think we should trust them?, what should we do to them?thathinguywhois
If they expect us to trust them at any point, then they're not a real politician. The real ones know that we know that they're liars, and know that all they need to get what they want is an assload of money. As for what to do to them, I'm not sure what will work.

Mon July 5
Answered by JCP

what happens when you mix lighter fluid, and battery acid, and windex? Lizro + Trudy
A lot of fun but bad things actually. I'd tell you more but I don't HAVE to!

What would you say if I somehow managed to find where you lived and started screaming directly at your door, throwing dead cats at your windows and shouting "I don't want to have your babies."? [note: I would also be naked]. - M. Mort
The dead cat throwing would bother me, which would cause me to go outside and kick your sorry ass until you stopped. As for the rest, I have no problems, and look forward to pointing and laughing at you.

What rhymes with the word 'wardrobe'? And what does the word wardrobe ACTUALLY mean? - M.Mort.
Here is what it means. As for rhyming with it, that's your job to figure out for poetry class, not mine. I told you before that I'm not helping you with your homework unless you give me things that I actually want.

How come, on that TV show, CyberSix, The person is a guy, but When he becomes a super hero, he becomes a girl? I never understood that. -Hufflebunny
Well it's a TV show which means it doesn't have to make any sense at all. Perhaps you missed the episode where it explains why that happens.

Holy smokes, Canada is 137 years old. What did you do to celebrate? McDiablo
I drank! Whoo hooo!

Why does my mom continue to complain about how she's lost her glasses when she never puts them in their case? McDiablo
It's your mom's job to do things like that until you go crazy and leave, or until you go crazy and suddenly enjoy housework. Don't fall for the housework! It still sucks!

Have you ever wanted to be a lumberjack? McDiablo
No I haven't. I have wanted to have a huge ax though.

why is buddy staring at me way over there ont he other side of the cottage? whay is this place called a cottage? its nicer then my apartment? it has a dishwasher, a/c, satellite? what the hell? whay is all hte music in this cottage like being on an elevator?
Buddy likes you. It's why he put on the romantic music and rented such a nice cottage. Be careful if he offers you strange drinks and foods.

how many times do you have to explain to your relatives about your web site?
Not as much as you'd think. Most just ignore it or forget it exists.

If you answer these questions do you think I will see the responses ever? Well maybe if u email them to me cause I will forget?
Maybe you should bring your lazy ass back here and check them yourself!

Why don't people like white roofs? Even though there are huge benefits to having one. - TotseLoz
White houses can be blinding on sunny days.

what would you do if you found a dead body..... in your bathtub.... after a crazy insane party, that wasnt at your house?? ~Lizro~
Most likely I'd poke at the body with a toothbrush or something since I've seen a REAL dead body. After that, I'd leave. Not my house, not my problem.

What do you think should cost more money? -two camels and a rock -three dogs and half a sandal -A glass of water without any water in
The two camels of course

Tues July 13
Answered by JCP

Did you know that cast iron skillets shatter like glass from a height of three stories, and if so, how did YOU find out, what were you attempting to do, and why?
I only know this because you've told me. Generally, I'd be inclined to go test this out myself, but I don't know who would give me a cast iron skillet to throw. In fact, I'm not even sure who I could steal one from. If anyone out there wants to send me one to drop, I will tape it and share the results with you.

what causes dogs to puke up blood
Never having a dog, I'd assume that many things would cause them to puke up blood, all of which are probably not very good for the dog. There are people who are actually trained in this sort of thing, I believe they call them veterinarians.

I think I may have sent a question to the wrong person. If I have, just mentally smack me. If I haven't, then...this is pretty pointless. Should I just have a nap? McDiablo
We should all have a nap. We'll just pretend that the right question went to the right person and no one will ever know the difference.

why do scientists always claim to have discovered new things when the parts they've worked out are probably only miniscule bits, and even they're probably wrong anyway... I mean, It's all just the human point of view so it might be wrong.... right? p.s. why do the buttons on my keyboard keep running away from me? It took an hour to type this sentence...
They have to start somewhere, slowly figuring out where they've gone wrong or not. It's part of the process so just help out and shave your ass for testing purposes already. They said they'd pay you, so what's the problem? The reason your keys are running away are due to your mistreatment of them. The only way to gain their friendship again is to type out nice things. I'd give you examples, but my keyboard doesn't like that sort of thing.

How could you possibly fit through doorways if you were extremely fat? Do they manufacture doorways for the 'extra wide' folks or is it one of those Santa-down-the-chimney things? -ferretchick
Being that fat would mean you stay in whatever room you happen to be in. I guess larger doors could be installed, but that money should instead be invested in getting rid of the weight. I can't imagine it feels good to go through life dragging all that around.

Do you think people would actually come to a web page featuring my crappy artwork? -ferretchick
If you made a half decent site and spammed all your friends and family with the URL, then I'm sure that some people would actually view your crappy artwork.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? I got 1179. :) -hufflebunny
Those are sort of sick, so I don't eat them. In order to confirm your results, you need to test every day for a month. Let us know how it goes.

If the world is made up of mostly water, why is it called Earth? Why do people think that aliens can cross fathomless expanses of space and time, only to arrive on earth and crash, and die. So they can invent an interstallar drive, but they cant invent seat belts? Or an airbag?!
The surface of the Earth is covered with mostly water. The Earth itself is most definitely not made up of mostly water. No matter what type of craft any species creates, I'm sure there will always be ways to have accidents in it and crash. Just because they can build ships doesn't mean they can't have accidents.

hey bro wow u have awnsered alot of questions in the time u have bin doin this how do u find the time? Sean
Bro? I'm a chick. DC is the one who has spent far too much time answering these questions, as I've been at it for less then a year and he has been answering them for many years.

Yo dude im a vegitarian and my freinds think im stupid cause i actualy care about sumthing they alwayz try to make eat meat the bastards do u think they think im stupid because im diffrent u think im right. u seem like a diffrent person soo ill ask u .... SEan
I've been a vegetarian for a number of years now, so has DC and our friend Schizoid. People are annoying and for some reason feel inclined to try to go against other peoples ideas and choices. Ignore them. If they can't deal with it, then don't spend time with them. It's rude for them not to respect your choice.

What's the mystery of morning wood?
If I told you, then Nancy Drew would kick my ass.

I've found the answer to the meaning of life. but just to confirm i'm right, i'd like you to tell me the answer.
Uh huh. Nice try.

how do you make a fake pussy from house items?
Being that I am female, I have never had the need to create a fake one. I have the real thing ALL the time and NO you can't play with it.

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