Mar 24 /04
Answered by: Crusty & Dusty

Hey DOGGIES!!!!! If I smear peanut butter on mezbongas ass, will u doggies lick it all off like the good little doggies u are? -*meowmix*-
Dusty: I know I will. Then again, I'll lick it off anyone's ass, even my own.
Crusty: At what point in the proceedings is Mzebonga dead?

Why does everyone pick on mszeboingonga?he's a nice english chap with a chip on his shoulder.Is this not the way things are supposed ot be around here?Give him the gold monkey butt award. Three cheers for mzebooger! - ver
Dusty: He seemed ok those few times he sucked my tail. Then again it might have been DC in a Mzebonga costume. Either way, got my tail sucked.
Crusty: Personally, I hope he dies in agony…With his "Right-o, pip-pip, cheerio" and he's "stone the crows, guvnor"…

why did johnny come to my house for a visit and do nothing but shit in my washroom?
Dusty: If it were me I would have shit in your sink. It's the polite thing to do.
Crusty: Would you rather he shat on your sofa?

crusty and dusty are you lovers? if u r lovers, wh has the biggest bone?
Dusty: No. And I do.
Crusty: No. And I do…

If hamsters could fly would they taste good?, what if I could fly... your not a canible are you... i bet you are you sick bastard! - the flying cowboy
Dusty: One time french fries flew out of my ass. That was pretty scary but Crusty ate them right up after I put them in a bowl for him.
Crusty: If you could fly it'd make your handle less stupid.

I like chickem emough,. but why does it always burn like a cantaloupe when I crap it out?
Dusty: How does it burn like a cantaloupe? Personally, when thinking of things burning out of my ass, cantaloupe is not what comes to mind.
Crusty: Because chicken doesn't like you.

i live beside someone who plays their music too loud and i want to kill them so is that ok with you two?
Dusty: Sure.
Crusty: Yeah, and kill yourself while you're at it.

Wassup Crusty and Dusty, glad you guys could join me for all my insanity needs. My Question: If a turtle lost it's shell, would it be naked or homeless? (when I say naked, I mean it in a metaphorical context)-RealmO-K
Dusty: It's been a pleasure serving you.
Crusty: It'd probably be dead. Everything dies, y'know. Eventually.

OH GOD ! I love your Crusty And Dusty ! Will you be my lovers ?
Dusty: Of course. Will you lick my balls when we meet?
Crusty: I've been looking for a horny bitch for some time…

Who are you?Where are you from?Why are you here?Whats your relation to the insane Domain? How have you heard of the insanedomain before? Are you friends with Jcp? Are You guys gay?There ya go all the initiation questions, Enjoy informing us of who the hell you guys are and thank you.As You should thank me for getting all of these questions out of the way for you.Oh and do you come to us Dc style and as plastic dog heads?-CakiE
Dusty: <Barks twice.>
Crusty: So I'm a plastic dog. What's it to you?

Who are you, Crusty and Dusty????????-bluemonkeyfearer
Dusty: I'm Dusty. If you need any more information, then contact the blue monkeys. Oh wait, you're afraid of them, nevermind.
Crusty: I'm Napoleon Bonaparte… Oh wait, no, I'm Crusty which is why it says my name by this answer, you fucking idiot.

Why Crusty and Dusty? Why not JCP?????-bluemonkeyfearer
Dusty: We're much better then that stupid bitch. Forget about HER, focus on US.
Crusty: Yeah, focus on me.

Hey guys, i was just wondering... how do you kill 3 chickens with nothin g but a rop, a toothpick, and a block ofolden cheese..... i kinda need to know... in a bad situation here.-me
Dusty: Just scream at them and they'll be so scared they'll have heart attacks and die.
Crusty: <Too busy licking his balls to respond.>

what is a girl to do if there vaginal discharge is neon green?
Dusty: First of all I'd suggest she wipe again and make SURE that green stuff is coming out of her. She might have to dig in a bit. If it IS from her, then she should go see a doctor after taking pictures and putting them online. Why not cash in?
Crusty: File a paternity case against Captain Planet.

Crusty and Dusty, are you really a pair of plastic dogs like it shows on the picture on the right side of my screen?-bluemonkeyfearer
Dusty: I can't be SURE it's our picture you're seeing, as you might be surfing porn at the same time you're asking questions. If it has a big tail and a nice wet ass, then yes, that's me.
Crusty: Yeah, we're plastic dogs. But we have no limbs! How do we type?

Do you realize that your website is rapidly going downhill since the departure of the true main attraction, dc? What you gonna do about it?
Dusty: Well it's not MY website but if it were, I'd fill it with pictures of my ass. You could even print out pictures of my ass and kiss it. I can't see how this wouldn't increase the popularity of this site.
Crusty: Cram it up your ass.

i used to love dc but now i love you crusty. FUCK YOU DUSTY YOU CAN SUCK MY ASS MOTHERFUCKER!
Dusty: I love it when you talk rough! I'll gladly suck your ass AND lick your balls.
Crusty: Yeah, and you can suck my ass and balls while he sucks yours.

Are you the type of dogs who sniff each other's behinds when you meet? - Mzebonga
Dusty: I for one like to work in a bit of tongue too. Crusty won't admit it but he loves it. Come here and I'll do it to you too.
Crusty: You're sick! You're a fucking sick motherfucker!

someone told me barbies were the devils toy is it true
Dusty: All forms of dolls are, even if you call them action figures.
Crusty: No. Windows platform PCs are the devil's toy. And GI Joe.

why are some guys perfect while there's other that were once perftect but now you want to go bash there head against a friggin' wall? or mabye I'm just a chik without a clue
Dusty: No one is perfect. You might be duped into thinking they are, but they aren't. Neither are you.
Crusty: I am though.

Whats goin on? You feeling alriiight? I wouldnt with those names... be very crusty and dusty feeling if i am not... How sad.
Dusty: <Barks at you until you go away.>
Crusty: Fuck off and die. NOW!

Why do girls write really corny fanfictions depicting themselves and some tragic hero? Really ticks me off.
Dusty: So send them hate mail. Works for me. Sometimes I even shit in a bag and mail it to them.
Crusty: Fanfiction is an oxymoron. Any true fan would not write anything so appalling that it could be labelled as such.

On a scale of 1 to 67, how cool do you think you are? McDiablo
Dusty: I'm at least a 3. A 33 on good days.
Crusty: 69, dude! See, I'm so cool that I got a Bill and Ted reference in. But I had to explain it because you're not cool and you wouldn't have gotten it otherwise.

Do either of you have a crush on anyone? McDiablo
Dusty: Well you and your sock monkey ARE pretty cute. Would you like to see my new collar? It's in the bedroom.
Crusty: Yeah, you… Can't you see my "lipstick"?

Peanuts or stop signs? McDiablo
Dusty: I'll take both.
Crusty: I think the selection in this boutique leaves a lot to be desired.

Are there a lot of virgins in the Virgin Islands? What hair color do they put on the driver's license of a bald man? -Hufflebunny
Dusty: I don't like you much. I want better a better question next time.
Crusty: You're probably out of luck there - no cherries for you to pop. And they check the guy's pubes.

do you lick the side of your refrigerator??
Dusty: Only when Crusty isn't around. He's not really open to new things and tastes like I am.
Crusty: No. I'm desperately trying to make this answer longer but I just don't.

if you cross breed a elephant and a chicken, what do you get?
Dusty: <Chews on squeak toy.>
Crusty: A big clucker.

If you walked into a comic shop, would you want to be assaulted with questions like "Can I help you find anything?" "Do you live here or just visiting?" and "Will you please stop the child from urinating on the floor?" ? Anthraxboy
Dusty: Child? What the hell would I be doing with a CHILD? It'd be ME pissing on the floor.
Crusty: No, I'd be assaulted by a guy with a baseball bat, just because I was masturbating to the Japanese comics last time I was there.

doe you enjoy sex
Dusty: Mostly.
Crusty: Is there another point to it?

Crusty looks like he really IS crusty, and Dusty really IS dusty. Is that why you were each named your names? Does that make you dirty dogs? You're not DAWGS are you? -spitrinse
Dusty: Well you're just fucking brilliant aren't you? Also, a big fat fucking NO to being dawgs.
Crusty: If I say yes, will you promise never to talk to me again?

why do they put 4 kinda of cheese in ravioli? they're so small, do they really need to put that many kinds of cheese in them? will anyone notice if there are only 3? - Miss Roger's Sweater
Dusty: I will gladly take any cheese that you don't want to eat. You should be happy you're so spoiled that you get 4 when some people don't even get 2.
Crusty: I put 4 cheeses on Pizza. I think all food should be treated equally and if they can get 4 cheeses on ravioli they should put 4 cheeses on Ravioli

I leave for a while and DC is away. Is it wrong to miss DC? - Miss Roger's Sweater
Dusty: Not WRONG exactly.
Crusty: No, I've been trying to shoot the bastard for years and haven't hit him yet.

Today I made myself a sock monkey named Alfred. he looks kind of stoned. How do sock monkeys get stoned? I don't even do drugs! - Miss Roger's Sweater
Dusty: Did you make this sock monkey to breed with McDiablo's monkey? Does Emerald do a lot of drugs? Do you think she'd lick my bottom?
Crusty: Well, Sock Monkeys get stoned when people pick up rocks and hurl them towards said Sock Monkey. Who the fuck is Emerald?

So now that school is almost done.. like 2 weeks.. actually 7 days left.. and 3 test days.. what in the world should I do? ~Jeepster
Dusty: Beep if you Jeep?
Crusty: Study and take your tests.

How long will it take JCP to tell me whether or not she's posting my story, and then if she does how much longer will it be until she posts it? - Impatient Bluemonkeyfearer
From JCP - I have a LOT of stuff to do but I did get your story! I have NO idea if/when I'll be adding it, but will email you before I do. I have people emailing me every day telling me stuff to post their stuff and such so if I posted everything that everyone sent me right away, I'd never get anything else done. Sorry you've had to wait but if I go to post it, I'LL LET YOU KNOW!

Mar 31 /04
Answered by: Crusty & Dusty

What EXAXCTLY are you two ?
Crusty: Look at the picture, fuckwit. We're aliens from the planet Zarg.
Dusty: And here I thought it was blindingly obvious.

why did franz ferdinand have to mutter his last words in such a sexist manner ?
Because he had a bullet in him and he wasn't thinking about minding his P's and Q's...
Dusty: I'd tell you but then you'd know and then it wouldn't be funny anymore.

can i clean your nose throughly with my tounge? and then suck all over your face so hard that i clean all the dirt out of your pores? -lilCakey
Only if I get to pee on your naked body.
Dusty: Sure baby, I like it like that. You can also suck and lick out my ass, I'm sure you'll do a great job.

How do u feel about letting a baby suck on your heads?URGENT!!-libbio
But reticent and intrigued...
Dusty: I do not want babies anywhere near me EVER.

Are you for real?i mean... are you actual matter? can i touch you? how do u feel(texture)? Is it real like? or like air? i bet you'll just lie... -imhurt
No, I am the voice of your God. Bring me pizza with peppers and jalepenos.
Dusty: Oh you can touch me, I'd like that. Touch my ass, touch my tail, touch my ass again and then help lilCakey lick me all over.

does extacy show up in piss test, if so how long must i wait to pass??
Crusty:If you're in exstacy when taking a piss test, you're a sick, moronic fuckhead.
Dusty: Dumbass. Stop taking E.

do mushrooms show up in piss test, if so how long must i wait to pass?
If you leave it in the corner for a couple of weeks it'll start to develop visible fungus but it'll also stink.
Dusty: I don't know, find that out yourself.

Do boys really taste like boys, and do girls really taste like girls? Or is it all just a lie to confuse the masses of street bums?~CasualFatality
They all taste salty but not unpleasant...
Dusty: Everyone tastes different. What is the deal with everyone talking about licking and tasting?

Beep Beep... I Jeep.. why are teachers so stupid that they tell you to read something for the class that is tomorrow and you come to school and are like.. dude I read that last semester and the freakign teacher doesn't show up??!!? What is his problem? ~Jeepster
Teachers are just the rejects who couldn't get a job that earns decent money and doesn't involve putting up with stupid snotty teenages all day long... Er... *BARKS*
Dusty: They don't show up? That's bullshit. You PAID for them to be there, so they OWE you the time.

If Emerald.. and Alfred (Miss Roger's Sweater's Monkey) did go and get stoned... or do some form of drugs would it be wrong to ask to take part? ~Jeepster
From a legal stand point, yes. From an "additional material for Sock Monkey Porn" stand point, no
Dusty: If you are driving them home, then yes. If not, then go ahead but don't stare if they start to get all um, intimate.

Do you enjoy slurpees? The one and most important question that should be answered! ~Jeepster (also probably something Miss Roger's Sweater and McDiablo would like to know/ask)
Well, I'm not a big fan of having my genitals covered in your drool but, okay, maybe this once...
Dusty: I don't like slurpees, especially yellow flavored ones since they taste like piss.

stars are far away but if you're there then here is far away but how do you know if it's the same time there as here? -redmonkeyfearer
Make sure you take your watch and don't change it when you cross time zones...
Dusty: RED monkey fearer? What the hell is going on?

you guys can't fool me your really JCP and Mzebonga. didn't know that your fantasy life included being gross little plastic dogs this site is for a bunch of squirrels and by the way what is a parallelelepipedon. Thathinguywhois(by the way i am only encouraged by hate)
So long as you don't think I'm Mzebonga, you're free to think what you like...
Dusty: You've been thinking about this for hours haven't you? I bet you think you're pretty clever. Too bad you're not. Does that inspire you at all? Will you go out and do a great many things?

my refrigerater has flies all around it, my sims wont use it, and i cant sell it what happened??
The solution to everything in the Sims is FIRE. Your Sims have no discernable value to their lives: burn them. Their house is a tip: burn it. FIRE!!! I'm the firestarter, twisted firestarter...
Dusty: No idea. Try pressing ctrl+shift+C and type in move_objects on and then try again.

I think the Nutter Center is an insane asylum...I mean, look at the name! And hasn't anyone else noticed the flesh-eating chickens that nobody else sees? And what about Binky the garter snake? What does he do in his snake hole out in the back yard? WWWHHHHAAAAATTTT?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Okay, I'm done now! ^_^ InstantOatmeal
Dusty: Binky is NOT a snake. He's a CLOWN who steals flags and leaves ransom notes. His best friend is Bobo.

The letter 'Q' is in league with the numbers '8' and '13'. And I know this cause the invisible flesh eating chickens that nobody else sees told me so. An they're my favorite numbers/letter. But why hasn't their world domination plan started yet? (They promised me I could be second in command)
Scrabble, Boggle and poor numeracy hold them at bay.
Dusty: You've got it so wrong that I don't even know where to begin.

who took the bees out of my sock in my sock drawer, the second one to the left on the back board taped up with duct tape.??-opo
Henry Winkler.
Dusty: Henry Winkler. Now you have two witnesses who saw him do it.

i noticed you are actually choosy when it come to answering questions, when will this senseless censoring come to an end? idiots have an voice too.
Who censored what? I've answered everything I've recieved. Well, less answered and more mindlessly dismissed as complete crap.
Dusty: Well who wants to answer really stupid questions like "why". No one. So we delete the shit ones. If you asked better questions we wouldn't have to delete them.

crusty and dusty, im gonna assume you are twins, And crusty where the one that weighed the less and was horrible disformed... kinda like an walking example if dusties looks went alll wrong. Striking similarity absolutly Striking! Is this a truth? _Penises_Enemy_
Yeah, it's true, I'm Danny DeVito.
Dusty: I'm the good looking one of course. See how nice and red my collar is compared to HIS.

Do you know what Male-pms is? If so, What are the symptoms? p.s. don't be sexist with pms :o
Dusty: It must be his time of the month. Oh, and who said we were sexist?

How do you send Gravy?- Hufflebunny
I don't. I deliver it personally.
Dusty: Why the hell would I even want to send gravy?

Exactly what is the definition of insanity?-bluemonkeyfearer
Crusty: Lard.
Dusty: Salad only not green.

How can two plastic dogs talk?-bluemonkeyfearer
Dusty: How can you?

How many blue monkes does it take to change a light bulb? - bluemonkeyfearer
They don't change light bulbs... They're too busy hunting you down in an attempt to kill you. Good luck to them.
Dusty: Several if you can even convince them to do it but you can't so none.

oops I mean blue monkeys. have you ever taken one of those freaky inkblot tests?-bluemonkeyfearer
For the sake of conversation, let's say I have...
Dusty: Several times. It all looks like ink blots.

Why does she am hate me? Love, Helsy
If she's anything like me, which she am, she hates you.
Dusty: I'm not sure what sort of drugs you're on but I'd suggest switching.

When will DC be back ? -CASkEtSAosaaspwwqosak
I'm going to tell you that he'll be back tomorrow just to get you all excited then leave you high and dry.
Dusty: I don't know, get over it already.

Everyone is asking when Easter is. Are they going to shop at the mall for Easter candy at the very last minute? McDiablo
No, they will, of course, remember that Jesus died for our sins...
Dusty: Probably, people SUCK! Stupid easter sucks.

Yesterday it was so hot for late March--nearly 20 degrees. Today it was raining and cold. What's going on here? McDiablo
Well, the answer seems to pretty much be in the question... How about them Maple Leafs?
Dusty: It's the weather trying to trick you into revealing your secrets. RESIST!

Has a bug ever flown into your ear...and so far inside that you had to drown it in canola oil? McDiablo
No, I'm trying to picture you doing it for the sake of a few laughs but you can't seem to keep your clothes on.
Dusty: No, has this happened to you recently? I have eaten bugs and they survived when I shit them out.

what if a 6 turned out to be 9 rayyo77
Then I've been living in the wrong house for the last year.
Dusty: I'd be so upset I would PISS on EVERYTHING in the world TWICE.