April 17/05
Answered by: Herbert

Today I got back home to Ottawa! I was visiting some friends, including JCP! While there I got some new clothes and new shoes! We did some partying and soon enough I will have some photos for you people to look at! Then I can tell you all about the fun time I had.

how do you type you have no fingers.?..at least in that picture. is it like mad skills or something?, must be i wouldnt be able to type with no fingers...so whats you secret?
I have to use my paws and my tail! I bump them into each letter carefully and now that I've been doing it for awhile, it's becoming easier. There are some letters that are harder for me to get. Mad skills! I like that. Can I say I have mad skills now? I could put that in my resume if I had one. I have hug skills too!

I am a fruit bar! are you a candy covered stack of meat pancakes? will you marry princess zyana of upper epsilon 5 satelite c or are you just playing hard to get? I like the film sin city it made me scared! I like that!mmmmmthat. thathinguywhois ~firm damp sexy Tailshake~
Candy covered stack of meat pancakes? That would be yummy! Do you have any? I don't or I would have eaten them already. Wow, and a firm damp sexy tailshake! You sure are being fun and crazy today thathinguywhois! I would run around and be crazy too but I'm tired from the fun weekend I had. When I have had some more sleep then I will be crazy with you and we'll have milkshakes afterwards.

Why are you so damn sexy? -someone sexy
<Blushes> Thank you for being so nice! I am just nice and full of hugs and trying to be a good sock monkey. Come here and I'll give you a hug!

Why does it say you updated on the 14th but then it says the 12th below it?
Oh no! I had missed that when updating and forgot to put the 14th. Silly monkey! I should know better!

what do ants taste like??
It's been a long time since I ate any that I don't remember! Tomorrow I will go out and try to find some to eat so that I can remember again. I don't think they would have a lot of flavor because they're very small. Unless they are fire ants and that means they taste really hot.

i want to make pankakes but i don't have eggs and i think i need eggs. do you have any eggs? thank you herbert from harold
There is one egg in the fridge and you can have it if you want it! Just come over and I'll make sure that it's safe for you harold! Maybe someone else will have other eggs you can use. Will you share your pancakes? I'd like to have some.

my fork is broken herbert can you help me find another unbroken one? thanks herbert from harold
When you come over for the egg then I will also give you some forks. There were a whole lot of them so I'm sure that Poptart won't mind some missing. I'm looking forward to having some pancakes with you in a bit. I'm hungry and tired. You can feed me before I fall asleep! Thanks harold!

If Adam and Eve had never gotten kicked out of the garden of Eden and people jsut walked around naked would porn be people wearing clothes? PyroPrincezz
No there wouldn't be any porn or any other people. It would just be those two skipping around for awhile. It seems mean that they would be kicked out of that nice place. If I had a garden I would be nice and let people in. Only if they were really bad would I make them leave but they'd be able to come back after they said sorry. Then we'd all hug!

April 19/05
Answered by: Herbert

How come when you leave a band-aid on for a little bit and pull it off, it leaves black marks where it was?-Hufflebunny
It leaves little bits of sticky stuff on your skin and then it gets black like how the TV does. The TV is always all dusty even when you've just cleaned it! Band aids are fun. It's not fun to have cuts that hurt though. I like band aids with little cartoons on them. They're fun! One time I had a band aid that was clear. It was really weird but it worked.

why dont sneeky woopers come out to the open so i can see them
Sneeky woopers! I haven't heard of them before. Do they like to go in closet and steal sock monkey shoes? I hope not! I'd like it if they were hug monsters that made you feel happy and gave you shoes.

Holy crap, Herbert, sweet roller skates. Where did you get them and have you bombed around on the sidewalks with them? McDiablo
Thanks McDiablo! I found them at a store that had a whole section of clothes that were just my size! JCP and Poptart took photos and all I have to do is write about what happened so you can all see them. (I'm doing that right after I answer these!) I did fall though and my knee is sore but I put ice on it today. It feels much better now. One day I will visit you and Emerald and we'll all go skating together!

I went to IHOP for the first time today. I thought it only served pancakes, but they serve steaks, chicken strips, and salads, too. Did you know this? McDiablo
No I didn't! I've never been to one. I've never seen one either! Will you take me? I bet Emerald likes going if it's got all that food. We could have a double-date and go dancing! That'd be lots of fun I'd think. I'd put on some fancy pants or something so I'd look good for Emerald.

I'm housesitting for three weeks and I've been alone in the house at night. How long will it take before I lose my mind? McDiablo
I'll come and help you house-sit McDiablo! We could build forts and then pretend we were in a magic forest. Emerald and I could pretend we're from a secret sock monkey tribe and you're the first human we've ever accepted into our forest because you're special. Then you would be able to not worry about losing your mind.

are you a pig
No! I'm a sock monkey! Look closer at the picture!

Where did pizza originate from?
Oh I bet it was someone really smart! Pizza is yummy! Mmmmmm pizza.

If I won a trip to meet the man who invented this special drink that makes you fly, and I was allowed to bring one friend with me, would you consider yourself friends enough to go with me? -blush- --The Bubble
Oh yes I'd love to Bubble! Can I call you Bubble instead of The Bubble? If you won I bet we'd have a really fun time! How can I enter a contest like that? Then I could win and invite you! We'd be best friends by the end of the trip for sure. We'd hug and fly around!

If two sock monkey girls approached you(one skinny pritty sock monkey and the other one fat but still pritty sock monkey), asking if you'd be their sock monkey boyfriend, but you could only pick one, which one would you pick? -The Bubble
If I didn't know them then I could never pick! We'd all have to go out and maybe get some food or walk around so I could find out which one was nice and funny. I'd also have to hug them both. That way whichever one I pick doesn't feel bad she didn't get a hug. I'd pick both of them to be my friends if they were nice of course.

Just curious, does anything actually rhyme with orange?-me*HUG*
I don't think so! I wonder if it's the only word that doesn't rhyme with anything? Maybe no one sings about oranges very often because it doesn't rhyme. I'd sing a song about oranges! You could play in the song too, maybe sing! I bet you can sing good so we'll sing together.

Im grounded now and I need a master plan to sneak out of my house. My question is if you have any ideas for how I could go about it. :D Im an angel ;) PyroPrincezz
Grounded? Oh no! You should stay in your closet, no wait, come hide out in my closet! I have new shoes to show you and everything! Then you'd show everyone that you're good because you were with me and then I'd be good too! We could then have shoe parties!

April 22/05
Answered by: Herbert

what if mechanical cockroaches were trying to take over the world before the cats have a chance to do so?-bluemonkeyfearer
Oh no! That would be very bad. I would much rather obey a cat than a mechanical cockroach! Tell me it's not true bluemonkeyfearer! You and I will have to run away so that we don't get bossed around by mechanical cockroaches!

DO you spank your monkey
I don't have any monkeys but I do spank myself when I feel I need it. I need it a lot actually. If you want, you could come spank me so I don't have to spank myself. Mmmm spanking.

sometimes when i sleep, i dream. and in these dreams I eat chocolate pie. I run, I play in the sun. And yet I still die. Why oh why, do I have to love the chocolate pie? -b_write and i am a girl...
Hello b_write! I'm a boy! I don't know why you have to love the chocolate pie, but it's a dream so you can eat as much of it as you want! One time I had a dream where I tried to step on a bug but it didn't die so it started chasing me and I tried to run away. Then a bee started flying after me and I was really scared! I hate when I have dreams like that, they make me scared.

I'm in love with Mzebonga. Why doesn't he post here very often anymore? Does he love you less than he loved DC?
I don't know why he doesn't post here often. I know that him and DC had a special friendship. Maybe Mzebonga is afraid that he'll get hurt if he gets too close to me. It's ok Mzebonga, I am a friendly and huggable sock monkey! We can play games and build forts out of blankets and everything!

Have you ever been used as a voodoo doll? PyroPrincezz
No and I'm glad I haven't! That would not be fun. I hope you wouldn't want to do that to me PyroPrincezz (see, I'm learning to use those z's!) I'd never poke pins in you unless you wanted me to and liked it.

where did chocolate originate
Well I didn't know so I looked it up online. Here is the site I found. Now I want to eat some chocolate! Do you have any?

NICE skates Herbert! Looks like you got hurt though. :( Are you better now?
Oh yes I love my skates! I did get hurt but I'm all better now. It takes some practice to be able to skate well and I really should have a helmet and some knee and elbow pads. Next time I go, I will be much more careful. Maybe this weekend I will get to go out again with Poptart and skate around Ottawa!

April 25/05
Answered by: Herbert

is jack gay?
I know a Jack who is gay. If it's the same Jack, then yes! Not all Jack's are gay though. You have to ask them to find out if they are or not. The Jack I know sent me an email to tell me. That was nice of him. I like it when my friends send me emails.

Will you sign my shirt Herbert? Have people ever asked you to sign something? What about a breast? Haha Herbert sign someones breast!! - Stunt Fox
Wow Stunt Fox, I've never been asked to sign anything fun like your shirt! Signing a breast would make me giggle but I would be happy to sign it. I'd also be happy to sign your tshirt and I will even give you a hug! You're my most favorite fox ever! Will you sign my shirt for me?

Do you like winter? Its starting to become winter over here. Have you ever made a den in the snow? I'm going to make one. Would you like to join me? - Stunt Fox
Winter can be fun if you have snow to play in or fun things to do outside. I have made a den in the snow lots of times! Hanging out with you would be fun, especially in a den! I could help you build it and everything. Then we can launch snowball attacks on people who try to invade or just because we want to! We'll have the best time ever!

meeple meeeple of the state of meep! stand clear of my fortified farts they are toxic! invade my envelope with mewicide letters! embitter me to the slinging of the mookles make me sound in sign and juncture invade my innards with corn! are you with me or outside chewing your purple cud ...wait what's the question?thathinguywhois
How do you make up all the silly stuff before you ask a question? Are you listening to lyrics and typing in a few words? Typing random words? Words from different pages in a book? Cartoons on the TV in a weird language? You always come up with such silly stuff! Tell me your secret thathinguywhois!

Are the Peeps dead yet? Their picture on the main page is starting to scare me...because they ARE scary. McDiablo
They are alive until the voting is over and then most of them will die! I wish I could see JCP killing them and maybe if I'm good I can go and see! They have little eyes that look very creepy and I want to hug them until their heads pop off. I should go vote for that! You should too!

What's up with the summer-like weather? McDiablo
Stunt Fox had his turn with it so now it's yours! He will get all your winter weather! Isn't that fun how that works out? I could visit you both and then have both seasons! I will bring you a snowball McDiablo and you can throw it at someone so we can laugh!

Do you own a watch? McDiablo
No I don't. It doesn't matter to me what time it is, it's always hugging time!

From the fun and fluffly land of pretzels! They roam free and roll in the salt fields. Mmmmm pretzels.

I got my hair cut today and it appears the lady cut it unevenly, so its shorter on the left side, than the right. What do you think I shoud do?-Hufflebunny
Oh no Hufflebunny! I would ask a few people that you trust to see if it really is uneven. If it is, maybe get one to fix it for you, or go ask the lady to fix it if she's not the type to mess it up more just to be mean. I would help you but I'm not good with scissors because I run with them.

there are things in my mouth making my mouth hurt and it hurts a lot. can you make them go away because i hate them now and it hurts.
That's sad that your mouth hurts. Maybe you should eat things that make it feel better. If I bring you soup will you feel any better? Maybe some ice too. One of those should work and if not I'll ask my mom.

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