TheInsaneDomain drinking game.
For this you will need a deck of cards and a stuffed animal (preferably a sock monkey). The deck goes face down and each player selects a card (in turn).  For all you morons out there, you go one at a time, and place your card face up on the table.  If you can't figure that out, you are too stupid to be playing this game or breathe.
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You are now the Acehole.  The only way you get out of this is if someone else picks up an Ace.  The Acehole must stand up and announce that they are the Acehole.  If anyone pulls up a drink card, the Acehole must drink that amount up to 6.  (For instance, if someone besides the Acehole picks a six, the Acehole has to drink 6 times.)  

You get two drinks and if you’re sockless, you may put one back on.

You get three drinks and have to remove your socks.

You and the person to your right get two drinks each.  Both of you must take off one sock and put it on your left hand.  You must talk to it before every drink you take until you get a two.

You get 3 drinks and the person across from you gets 2.  You and the person to your left must switch seats until another five is picked up.

You have to take 2 drinks and give out 2 to two others.  You must then spin a bottle (or something else) and whomever it is pointing to gets 6 drinks.  If it points to no one, then everyone gets one.

You get 4 drinks and the person beside the person on your left gets 3.  If you can rub your stomach and pat your head at the same time, then you can sit down, but if you can’t, then you must lick the stuffed animals butt (or sock monkeys butt) once in full view of everyone else. 

You have to drink 4 times and hand out 4 more (to the same person or multiple people, but it must amount to 4 in total).  Stand up, turn around and slap your ass saying “Put THIS in your pipe and smoke it BITCH”.

You have to drink 5 times and give 4 drinks to someone else.  Both of you must sip your drinks like it’s tea and make fake conversation in fake British accents. (If you are British, then do fake French accents)

You have to drink 5 times and pick a topic. (such as Valentines Day, rock concerts, Disney movies etc) Everyone must go around in a circle and say what sucks about that topic until someone can’t think of one.  That person then must drink five times.

As the Jack-off, you must pretend to jack-off after you have pulled this card.  Everyone watching must drink once, and you then get to make up a rule.  Your rule will not be able to cancel out any normal rules from this game, but you can exclude yourself from rules.  (See a list of rules we’ve used before)

You get to make up a rule involving an action or word.  You choose an action or word that no one can do, and if they do, they have to drink five times.  (Great suggestions for words are names, swear words or numbers) 

You get to pick two people who have to stand up on a couch (or floor if unstable) and perform a sexy dance with each other for about 10 seconds.  Be sure to provide them with music, even if you’re just humming.  This is also known among as the Sale Pute dance. After the dance is done, the dancers get 3 drinks each and everyone watching gets 1 except the person who picked the card.

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