what if you suddenly became a zebra but
had to communicate an important message to others?

id haul my stripy arse out to the amazon, find tarzan and get him to convey my message for me. (this, of course, is AFTER he learnt english from Jane)- frazicus

At least it wouldn't be boring.- Sally

2 other ppl?or other zebras?well if it were ppl i wud take a pen in my mouth & spen ages tryin 2 write out my message in the sand. 2 other zebra's i wud learn zebra talk,duh!- Harri

Id find someone and kick them with my zebra hoofs until they understood my important message. If that person were to be stupid and die before they understood what I was trying to tell them I would get pissed off. Then Id pick some one else and try to communicate my important message to them with my hoofs also. If they are as pathetic as the first person I tried to "communicate" with theyd also die and Id have to find someone else again. This cycle would repeat itself for a while until eventually someone comes and shoots me so Ill stop. Then if someone were to ask me the riddle whats black and white and red all over I could say me and Id be right. Theyd then drag my carcas to a taxidermy place and Id get stuffed. Nobody would ever know my important message.- Dazed o.O

to other zebras or other pplz cos if it was other zebras it would be easy but if it was other humans ud just scratch the message in the dirt- :D

i'd just forget it and go and eat grass- Zack

i wouldn't.. i would get too distracted by the cool stripes on my body that i would get hypnotized and would eventually end up dancing around thinking that i was a member of the village people.. - Zack

Then I'd finally know what sound zebras make...they don't sound like horses, do they? Screw it, I'd be like that crazy talking horse on TV...Ed, I think his name was...McDiablo the Talking Zebra. Then that message would be communicated and I'd be filthy rich and not running away from lions in Africa. - McDiablo

I would be like...hey, I look like a Domino! No, wait, I have stripes, not spots..dammit.- Vista

think, whoa! i have striped hair! and forget the message- Nocuum

I would rearrange my stripes to spell out the message in Swahili, then kick them in the face repeatedly until they figured out what it meant.- gone postal

i would shit in such a pattern so as to spell out my message.. and then i would be found and put into a show as the amazing shitting zebra and would become very famous... mmm fame- psychotic_freak

While trying to escape the African grasslands I would be shot down and sold on the black market for thousands of dollars. So my message would not be communicated and I wouldnt die trying.- MeowMix

i'd be like "this is SWEET!" because i've always wanted my hair to be striped- Kearf

i would be forced to dance a dance and hope they get the message. then i would eat them.- Fido Dido

spell it out in cats- unclehenry

shit again- pi

Fuck it, let them burn, I'm going to go and use my clever camoflage to hide in the grass from Lions.- Mzebonga

I'd piss all over them and dance around and neigh- Sya

I'd relay the message by pooping and forming them into letters.- Sodatab

well everyone would havce to learn zebra sign language but as i tryed to tell them i constantly was gettingn raped by other zebras and noboy was paying attention because the zebra sex was too facinating and so all of a sudden this meter comes and kills us all- meagnolia

too bad for me- pokey

Then I'd write it in red on my side- Yo Momma

i would roll around in the middle of a road- Asterz

i would turn rabid and attack the Crocodile Hunter and steal his accent and then run away and infest everyone in town with scarlett fever- Moo Mooo

Let the others die.- land-mine eagle

I would go to my frind Stripy, who has an amazing ability to understand zebra sign language.- Piranha

i assume you mean other zebras because no important message can be trusted to humans, so i would use the telepathic link zebras are blessed with the share the message.- Stupid Handle

neigh, neigh, neigh!!! neigh...neigh-neigh...neeeeiiiiigh...neigh? neigh neigh!!!! NNNEEEEEEEEEEEIIIIIIIiiiiiiiggggggggghhhhhh.... (roughly translated) y won't anybody listen to me???? this is really important!!! hey...is that grass? mmmmmmmm...lion? it's a lion!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGggghhhhh.....- It

i am a zebra. you just dont know it. what if YOU gave me a stinky monkey award? hmmm?- The X

I would kick them with my house inside the land so i could smell- ????JAGE>><<

i would clop my feet like in the movie 'Freddy got Fingered' in 'Zebras from America'.- *_Asterz_*

Which others? I need more details. There are several different methods of communication used by zebras when interacting with other species. Interestingly enough, zebras are known for their importance in world communications. Monkeys too. In fact, especially monkeys.- Keta

I'd run really fast when I saw lions, and try and communicate what I was trying to say by writing words on the ground while I ran . ie:- ARGHHHHHH!- Hedge Monkey

Hahahaha, KiK Dem MuThaFuKaz iN Da Nutz AnD Not DeliEver Mah MeSSaGe, LeT Dem FuK oFf AnD FiGuRe fO DeYsELVes...- JuggaNutzInYaMouF

I would kick them ass and eat their clothes.- Blunt

I'd have a really hard time. I think i'd get put in a zoo, like all the other zebras with messages, but for some reason i have this picture of me as a zebra, trying to communicate, but not being able to do so because I'm laughing hysterically. yea, being a zebra would be funny.- Mr. Wuck

i would arange my stripes to say the important message- crazy goat

i'd ask all my zebra friends to line up to form words or sentences like how they do for lame parades, and make sure national geographic was nearby so they'd film it an air it to the world- Vegetable Rights Foundation

I would assemble my strips in an important manner- Insanity In The Flesh

i would have a baboon interpret for me- popedoug

i would look to fruit loops for guidance- breakfast dougwood

id make a cartoon- podman

write it in uran.- land-mine eagle

i wouldn't worry about it, why? imma Zebra - imma


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