what if this site began to sell wool socks instead of pushing insanity?

I would be buying a lot more wool socks - Stubbyneez

if u can push insanity, can u pull insanity too? - Crazy Matt

This would no longer be the insanedomain.com, it would be the woolsocksdomain.com........ - Meowmix

Wool socks are boring - bring on insanity I say!!! - Sally

i dont think anyone would really notice the difference.. seriously, is there much difference in the two? - psychotic_freak

I'd stop coming. - wahine

uh-oh, better stock up for the thermo-nuclear war due in 2007. tasty. i like jam. - Fido Dido

i'd like to find out whether you have a buy-swop-sell section as my gramma likes making me wool socks and
 i hate getting them! - SiNiSTaR

I'd track you down and shove COTTON socks down you cattle.. er... sheep shearing, barbaric, insane, psycho, 
adddicted asses, and beat with an object that has been used to pick my ass. - mrsatan

i'd probably still come back. you can never have enough socks. of course, the world would probably start becoming sane...
and thats never a good thing. - frazicus

I'd get wool socks and sew them onto the front of your underwear so that your little friend will stay warm, 
all safe and tucked inside the ITCHY wool sock - Kei-chan

I'd be forced to buy some wool socks for my sacrificing of virgin wool. The Wool Association and FBI are onto me, 
but they will never catch me, I will pretend I am a terrorist....maybe that's not such a good idea now... - Meow?

it would suck - aaron nelson

then I would just make them all into sock monkeys and train them in military combat and 
then send my army of sock monkeys to destroy you for selling the wool socks that created them... - Princess

oooh i love wool socks! they make my feet sweat but HEY they're a good thing to have when you
 get stuck outside in the snow - Nicole

I wouldn't buy your wool socks, but I'd still push insanity. - blunt man

I would buy some. Infact.. I think you should sell wool socks, it would be more interesting. - kinky kong

then the sox would gang up on every1 who wanted the site 2 still push insanity and
 they wud kill us with their stale cheesy sock smell - loveandhugs2001

i would go more insane then i am - twisted freak

First, I would buy some. Then I would make my OWN DC and start my OWN insane domain.
 whats wrong with you? we need you! - ZIMIAN

sheep the world over would relax and take five - Power Nibbler

*noise that can only be described as 'hummpftyrh'* - Pumpkin muncher

i actually need a new pair of socks but i don't think i could do as many things with socks as i can with this site - keglineq


well anyone who would conside buying wool socks instead of knitting them themselves is 
pushing the borders of insanity so why not. please sell hats too - love of all things round

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! GAWD HELP ME! - Spanky the retarded cat

I would buy a lot, and make a tent out of them. - syko morgana

myy wool socks soooo fuzzy and stiff - Ninja

I wouldnt come to the site - Nessa

Then sign me up for some insanely comfortable wool socks. - Duch

I would be warm in the winter and have a bad case of athletes foot in the summer.
 i can't wait for your wool sock promo. - Ricidulous

i think that if the site sold wool socks our little society of normal people would demolish and
 we would all end up in some psych ward. There would be alot of old ladies coming to the site to.... - society sucks

I'd fart on your wool socks on your grave! - bobo

then my feet would be warm and smelly. - poo face

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