what if we just let you put whatever you wanted in here cuz we're lazy?

then I would have to do just that - Stubbyneez

You are a lot like your baby sister. You both suck so much you give 'Hoover' a bad name. - Crazy Matt

Your lazyness is becoming a habit. Your losing your insanity. - Meowmix

It would be heaps better because we know what we want to see. - Sally

then you would probably be fucked, since the people that frequent this site are raving loonies, 
you would be better off asking a monkey to fling his poo in your general direction - psychotic_freak

I think I'd have to start going on about the green cows. See really cows are green, but they don't look it to us. 
See they were green a long long time ago but farmers were having such a hard time keeping track of all these cows
because they were green so he took some stuff and changed the pigment of the cows hair to black/brown/white
so that he'd be able to find all his cows in the grass. This worked, and it seemed to stick. - wahine

mu-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah-hah!!!! i will rule you all! fring-fring-frooley. yellow submarine. 
wrinky-pink-pink. oh the thinks you can think! - Fido Dido

well fine whatever - SiNiSTaR

than I'd say that my ass tewnds to hurt after I wax it. I'd also say that i'm just writing a load of shit because 
i have no friggin' life!! I need to get laid bad!! call me at 123-4567, ask for jumbo jim and his min bob? wink! - mrsatan

this would happen....okay, so im stuck for creative talent. i dont do good thinking on my own, i need a starting point.
you cant possibly expect me to come up with ideas of my own! - frazicus

I'd still stab you in the balls. - Kei-chan

I'd say that Cookies are good, but guys are better if I was allowed to spout off whatever I wanted. But I can't. :( - Meow?

I'd be happy - aaron nelson

things wouldn't be much different than it is now, would it? - Princess


That would kick ass cuz I'll put stupid shit down. - blunt man

that woiuld be sorta ok. but then you might not get a loada insane stuff n jus get a 
loada sane stuff which isn't the point of this site - loveandhugs2001

i would be so fucking happy - twisted freak

I would say stop slacking..... wait..... what are you doing...... slacking?????..... who said anything about slacking.... 
i....i.... wait....PLEASE NOOOOO!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! - ZIMIAN

then i'd probably put just what you wanted, but i wont. i'm watching myself for weird behaviour 
and this is just the sort of thing that i keep finding myself doing, see ? - Power Nibbler

*moan* - Pumpkin muncher

you could really get some bizzare answers liek someone like my friend could come and just start typing and typing
and never stop and OH MY GOD JANICE FROM CORONATION STREET IS GONNA CHEAT!!!!!!! - keglineq

stop asking me all these hard questions... - idontremember

well i would have to say that then i will consider the functions of this box. what are its origins?
personally i think its just a white box trying to lure me into the sense of being white but
hell no im a purple thing through and through - love of all things round

kick ass - Spanky the retarded cat

Then I'd say "Happy Happy Tennis shoes! Oh how I love to wear my happy tennis shoes." - syko morgana

ahhh mr choo choo train!!!!!! - Ninja

Then the Web site would probly look stupid - Nessa

me too - Duch

twice as more mayhem then the L.A riots on a K.K.K national holiday on an computer. - Ricidulous

then everyones insainty would come out and we would most likely scare ourselves on how fucked up we really are.
then we would marvel at the stupidity of others and blame our crazyness on them because we
 cant except our own issues...or maybe thats just me.... - society sucks

I'd still fart on your grave! - bobo

then i would put stuff about my toe jam. - poo face

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