what if the only way to communicate was by using walnut shells?

that's be cool, as long as the chipmunks don't mind.- Vegetable Rights Foundation

I would try morse code by bouncing the walnut shells of peoples heads. Since most people are to stupid to understand, I would then take the shell and draw on the sidewalk.- gone postal

Then I would be "speaking" with pecan shells.- DementEd

I already communicate with walnut shells. And rocks, pine cones, marbles, other throwable objects, etc. Its the only way to shut idiots up.- MeowMix

That would be cool if you thought someone was being a real moron then you could ditch a walnut at them really hard and then they would get the message.- Sally

then dictionaries would be very large, heavy and uncomfortable things to carry. in fact, forget dictionaries, the fasion industry would collapse. imagine having to find somewhere to store your walnuts when youre only wearing a mini. the only comfortable people would be homies. - frazicus

I'd crack it instantly- hev

i'd attach walnut shells to my vboobs and slap them against eachother in a sort of walnut shell morise code and iit would become way trendy except guye couldn't connunicate very well because the tried to attach them to there testicle but it never quite worked out rught. - megnolia

I'd go to a hardware store to buy a hammer, and I'd look around in the hammer section for hours. Then! I'd go up to the clerk and use my Walnut shells to ask "How much for the hammer?"- Mr. Wuck

again crying would be the immedoate response then worry then a mad dash to the jungle to get some walnuts. i cant afford to buy any. this if is making my as horny as as a lion. - trebor mcmann

I already speak walnut. I'm offering after school lessons for 10 bucks an hour.- Syko Morgana

screw it. communication is HIGHLY overrated.- marissa

Id be sayin to mah homiez... Yo! boi! wassup? An all dat shit wit walnutz.- Dog in da hood.

well then i would kill myself by using walnut shells wouldnt i - Dane

destroy all the walnut shells in the world so everyone would die lonely but i wouldn't because i would neva die i would just be jumping off cliffs- saracen

i would take some walnut shells and make little walnut shell bras for mice, because the don't like running around naked.. it's just there is no calvin kleins for them..

i could talk with my mouth full, mmmmmm walnuts yummy- Yo'Monkey

i'd refuse to carry around walnuts- SAnimal

Clop clop.- Witto

if the only way to communicate was by using walnut shells, then i'd puncture a hole in it, put a rope with two tin cans on each end, and hence, a telephone is made. besides, you'd never catch me in a walnut shell, because even though im not claustrophobic, i'd become one by living in one, but also i wouldn't fit, cause im five foot nine, you'd have to be a midget to live in one!- baby g  a.k.a. babydeep gurdup

that would be cool! i'd click them together like they did with the coconuts in "monty python and the holy grail"! that'd be sweet- Muckaferguson

Then that would be use number 2. Use number 1: Nature's answer to anal beads!- thanatophyte

Easy.... make a monocluear device with strategic placement of each individual walnut in a corresponding relationship to the garpathenon on the y axis of the worlds orbit. see i told you it'd be easy!- Franky the one-armed midget

I would set them out and spell words- Nanna

Well what would that do to other shells. say the cocnut shells women wear as bra's?? Would give new meaning to the phrase pillow talk!!!- Mistofflies

What do you mean "what if"? It's already been done! Don't you ever wonder why walnut seeds are so acidic? That is because you are eating the battery to the communicating device, you morons! Put them up to your ears and listen carefully---they get even greater reception than most cell phones.- McDiablo

we could talk to the animals because some live in walnut trees and we would get to know them pretty well cause we would constantly be goin back to get more walnuts.- daft cow

I don't think I would be able to communicate with anyone, because I have no clue how to use walnut shells to communicate.- sparkleglow21

knock, knock-knock, knock, knock, knock, knock-knock-knock-knock, knock, knock, knock-knock, knock. oh fuck, i dropped my walnut shell...- Fido Dido

That would be wierd. - p kraked

tappity tappity tap tap tap *translates* I don't know yet. I'd have to try talking with walnut shells first.- liz

I would kill myself.- LubisKo

i would eat them so i could sleep - *_AsterZ_*

Then I wouldn't be able to post on this website via the internet.- Mzebonga

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