what if all television shows were about how to itch body parts with forks?

fork retail sales would skyrocket. it would probably also provide more murder oppurtunites... "sure...I'll scratch your back...."- frazicus

I wouldn't watch itchy people are gross- Sally

if i had to miss an important episode of the show becuz i had to bathe or something, i'd definately record it. in fact i'd record every single episode, and then sell them to my friends if they missed a show because they had to bathe too. then i'd become very rich , and maybe, oh, just maybe, on day i'd have my very own show too!!- marissa

I'd watch TV all day long - fork in hand- Mzebonga

nooooooo! the forks are taking over! i better raise an army of spoons to fend off this evil enemy. once i have taken over the world, i will turn it over to the cats, and me and my spoon army will serve them...- Fido Dido

What!? But only today i learned how to itch under my knee with a salad fork.- Meowmix

it sure help my gaols in life- keglineq

Then all the radio DJ's would talk about how french bread makes a great substitute for vibrators.- Infested Butternuts

Then those Pay-Per-View channels would have shows like "Fork me hard" Showing how the fork can stimulate the female genetalia.- Rotten Camel

Isn't that what infomercials are?- gone postal

then my sister would be the richest person on earth as she perfected the ultimate technique- SiNiSTaR

At least Dawsons creek would be gone for good- sven sven the sven

I would run for president and appoint people from mental institutions as my secrataries and secret service.- Blunt

then all those losers that watch crap shows like 'dawnsons creek' and 'ally mcbeal' will have a new thing to ramble on about in class.- syko morgana

They are.- Witto

I'd write in and complain. I fact I'd suggest that they began a channel which featured a live rotting corpse, so you could switch over every now and again and check its progress.- Barclay

As long as it didn't interrupt my potato eating, I don't give a shit.- Fergus O'dimbal

I wouldn't itch anymore(as long as i have forks)- Chimpy

Then I'd never watch television again.- Sami

then the world would be all the better for it. ive been wondering how to reach behind my third ear. thanks guys! *prances off to find a fork. a BIG fork*- SYMG

I'd say it's time to hunt down Aaron Spelling like a rabid dog and spread his hide out in front of my fireplace like a rug.- Indomitus

I would wash my forks more often.- Stupid Handle

take out my fork and learn something- ZOT

There would be no p[lace for any other forms of cutlery in our modern day society. Aww.- Witto

Then mosquitos would run protests- ZOT

i'd find another form of entertainment.- Empriss Nikon

AAAAHH!!! PLEASE!!! I HAVE MY OWN FINGER NAILS TO SCRATCH MYSELF WITH!! why with forks..?- Spanky The Retarded Cat

the sock monkeys would make guerilla tv stations in the sewers.- Meow?

Well, that'd be my lincence fee well spent, I say. It's nice to see that the BBC have improved their budgetary spending. Still, I bet they show "Pride and Prejudice" at Christmas.- Mzebonga

I would spend less time on the computer and more time on the t.v. because I need a few lessons on fork itching especially in the butt area and under the arms where all that hair and bad smells come from- Idiot

i would never be itch again, and i would have to wash my forks a lot more often- Will I Am

Then i would be on the television 24/24.- IM THE ORIGINAL G O D

I'll be hoping they don't use the forks to, you know, EAT because...well, GROSS!- Vista

I think it would be a very educational society that would watch such shows. I always did want to know wehter or not to use the salad fork to itch my navel or wether to use the dinner fork.- InsaneLane

There would be a lot more TV watching...even more than usual on my part...- McDiablo

I'd still watch I'd just put it on mute...- Miss Roger's Sweater

I would love it! I have always wondered what the proper techniques were for that ... after i found out, i would host my own show! and it would be better than all the rest ... oh yes thats right ... it would! and Rosie O'Donnel would be my first guest ... then Meg Ryan. oh yeah she itches a lot.- Shitzu

um- kittie

then we'd all be itching i guess- confusedmonkiegirl

i'd form worldwide support groups for spoons and other neglected cutlery- Cookie

I would be much happier.- SilentWolf

There would probably be some air-carried disease relesed by the goverment that creates itchy rashes. These programmes would be used as campaign videos so that you will vote said goverment into power.- Skelter

EWWWWW- shugaboonie

i would always watch tv!- LubisKo

you stole my idea, how dare you

grab a fork and start itching

I actually tried to sell the idea to a local production company, but they laghed and threw spoons at me.

i would spitin my hand and rub it all over my bum- Dick Pound

the real question is how to we scoop with spoons- keglineq

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