what if the world's religion became worshipping tree frogs?

i would go in league with the toads and call a jihad on the tree frogs... 
resulting in the bloodiest amphibian war to date. - psychotic_freak

then everyone would be like me! - evil pop tart

At least they're real. - mzebonga

We would have a hell of a time trying to find out what kind of offerings they like. Hmmm... maybe human flesh. - gone postal

It would be taking a step in the right direction..... - The Subhuman

i would burn them all, and send all my money to dc. - Fido Dido

We would all take a never returning vacation to hell. - Meowmix

Chee-yuh right. I am not gonna worship tree frogs! - Tasha

i'd do that - sally

A picture of kermit humping a tree would be in every livingroom - ricidulous

Father Son and Holy Ribbit. Oh when the frogs go marching in oh when the frogs go marching in. 
I want to be on that lillypad of when the frogs go marching in. - Mistofflies

There wouldnt be many people of that religion. - bigt

Would stop speaking in "tongues" and start speaking in "throats." - Elder God

fuck religion, id kill them all - Ninja X

that would suck - jim

At least tree frogs are tangible. - Mzebonga

wed be very very very high all the time - delchi

Then at least the people who knock on my door would have something new to say... - Jali

i am already there - Southside

a massive religious war would break out. i know for a fact that the evil lord high cane toad 
currently believes he rules that region of the world. our only salvation then would be
 to move the entire tree frog comune to a secret location whilst we built 
up an army of devoted tree frog followers armed with golf clubs and cane toad decapitators. 
then we will rise up, abolish their canetoadistic ways and will live in peace and harmony beneath our beloved protectors. - frazicus

If history teaches us anything, there would soon be other frogs that would be worshipped,
 and there would be long carnal battles in swampy swamps between the different frog believing creeds.
And there would be this one frog that didn't spawn like the other tadpoles. And this frog would be able to hop on water. - borden

cool! i think. - grand_master_spikay

then the huge masses of people worshipping tree frogs would still be as brainwashed and dependant as
if they were worshipping some other form of higher power. - Gidget

I would kill all the tree frogs bare handed. - Vincenzo

hey dont knock it till you try it - 33112

You mean the french live in trees? - Crazy Matt

Whelp, I'd still cling to my cat named Baby Love. - Zero_Chunky

then atheists would not beleive in frogs - Choadboy

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