What if all animals were trained to use toilets?

Then we would have to use litter bozes unless we trained them to flush - becca

we could put tested on animals on newborns asses. - slain

i don't think i'd like that...elephants got sum pretty big turds, it'd clog up my toliet, and i'd have to pay a plumber to
fix my shit filled toilet, cuz elephants have no money, I hate elephants we should kill them all. - Becky

The bathroom lines at the zoo would be much longer. - gone postal

I'd crap in a litter box - zim

Then I'd pee...where? - Cat

I would piss in the sink. - SilentWolf

I'd stop pissing on my girlfriends floor- Poptart

Then the consumption of Toilet cleaning stuff would go through the roof, and the people who make that 
stuff would get rich.....time to go buy some stock, I think. - EP

Then I wouldn't tread in their shit but I suppose they'd have to train me to use a toilet as well. - mzebonga

there wouldnt be room for me - smertz

yes!!!! no more cleaning after that damn dog - me

That would be cool casue then you wouldn't have to go putside everyweek or wehere ever and pick up their shit - Kacidias

Humans would start shitting on the street. - Dootsie

would we scatch about in litter boxes waiting for those filthy fuckers to finish their business - skitz

my cat would leave a lunker. - ryansoup2005

we'd need more toilets - Bad4You

what would i have to throw at people - Ninja

sounds good to me nomore stinky poop all over the house. - Mari2001

Their own toilets or ours? - fergus o'dimbal

That would be great, but how would you go about training them to wipe their asses and for the boy animals 
to put the seat up/down? - kitten

Can they flush, I mean they dont have thumbs, wait maybe they have secret thumps, what if the cats are more intelegent that us!?
  I want to see a cat piss in the toilet.. mwahah! wait.. can animals squat.. yea.. 
**scratches head** i belive they can.. hmm ok. - s.i.l.e.n.t..c.r.y.s.

dogs should, cats do already - chops

Then they can learn to to clean then as well. - Sgt. D.

The world would smell a lot better...but then again i bet they would get pesky...raccoons knocking on your door 
at night wanting to use the bathroom...because they aren't intelligent enuf to build their own...pshhh. - KindalLiz

Then many immigrants workers and mental incompitants would be out of a job - The Grim Fandangling Ballzak

our world would stay forever young - brittle pores

Then they would smell all the time and you would have to make special toilets so smaller and bigger animals had a 
compatible ass area. Also goldfish and turtles would probably not go anywhere near the toilet as these 
animals associate toilets with death - Cock sonkey

ten yo mamma would be out of a job! - crzybstrd

If animals could learn how to use the toilet, then we'd have a serious battle on our hands. 
They would figure out their true intelligence and take over the world... - Mxrockergirl

Then there would be much longer lines outside the door. - Laser-Monkey

You mean they're not?!- Jenna

Toilet companies would prosper. - MeowMix

They would probably leave the seat up. - OmegaClarinet

Can u tell that 2 my cat??????? Maybe she would get the hint. - Jugalet

the world would be a less smelly place, maybe cleaner - Chest-ica

there would be alot of dead fish, unless of course they invented underwater fish toilets. - Cock Goblin

i'd teach themto flush, and buy me porn - THE demonic weasel

that would be good then there would be no stepping in poo yuk - Sally

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