What if stupidity could be fixed with a pill?

We can't people are to stupid to invent a unstupid pill in the first place. - becca

stupid people would refuse to take the pill they'd frame it and let all their landslide victim friends look at what 
they should have taken before living in such a stupid place - slain

alot of stupid people would overdose on it, which would cure stupidym because all the stupid people would be dead. - Becky

That would be great, but the stupidity of buying the pill would cancel the pill out and they would just be the same. - gone postal

penises would shrink - zim

How many pills could they manufactor per day? - Cat

Britney Spears would get addicted to them. - SilentWolf

I'd O.D.- Poptart

I'd be afraid, very afraid. - EP

Gimme gimme gimme!!! I want that pill. Narf! - mzebonga

i would take the pill everyu chance i got - smertz

YOU LIE!! - me

Id be takin a whole lot of those. Can it cure ugly too? - Kacidias

This site wouldn't exist. - Dootsie

how boring!!!!!!!! - skitz

I'D BE CURED! - ryansoup2005

you'd be taking a lot of pills - Bad4You

then who would i laugh at? - Ninja

Sounds awesome where can I get it? - Mari2001

Then the entire population of America might actually vote in a good president - fergus o'dimbal

That would suck, Stupid people make the world more colorful, and without stupid people we 
would have no one to laugh heartily at or mock - kitten

wut if it was a pill.. and if u were stupid and u took it you wernet stupied.. and then what if u werent stupid 
andu took it and then u became stujpid - s.i.l.e.n.t..c.r.y.s.

hmmm, should be banned, sometimes its good to have a stupid boss - chops

There already is one that far too many people ignore. It's called birth control. - Sgt. D.

That would be boring...stupid people are my entertainment! - KindalLiz

Well, we'd have to buy some for the genius who thought currency should be rocks - The Grim Fandangling Ballzak

i want my hair removed! - brittle pores

Then everyone would be a smartass hahahahahahahah ha ha ahem - Cock sonkey

Then this amazing site wouldn't exist! - crzybstrd

I'd order a shit-load of them for my dumbass family. - Mxrockergirl

then that pill would be kept secret by the government, 
so that no one would be smart enough to see how they are all fucking us over. - Laser-Monkey

Well, right now we only have liquid stupidity suppressants. So far, no one has showed much interest in the product 
so our funding got cut. There was future plans for a pill form of this liquid but without the funding we cannot do anything. 
If you are interesting in helping further our research and development, please go to our website for information 
on where to send your donations. www.stupid-no-more.com- Jenna

Everyone would die of stupidity pill overdoses. Noone wants to be stupid. - MeowMix

Focus on an easier problem: Creating world peace. - OmegaClarinet

Then you wouldn't be asking these questions now would you? - Jugalet

the world wouldn't as funny - Chest-ica

i wouldn't be typing this shit..... - Cock Goblin

i would sell it and use the proceeds to buy porn - THE demonic weasel

we'd be in a better world - Sally

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