what if crazed monkeys ripped the roof off your place
and started rearranging your furniture?

id sit them down on the couch (which at this point in time is asthetically placed halfway up the stairs) and explain to them that while i admit my place needed rearranging anyway, i think it would be best if they took an interior decorating course first. id then ask them to close the roof behind them on the way out.- frazicus

I'd kick them in the head and knock them out ,I like my place the way it is- Sally

in a perfect world,i would be able to say "hey there you monkeys, could you please stop doing that! you see, i just re arranged the furniture myself, and your actions prove that you have no respect for me as an individual."- marissa

I'd kick their little asses, I've only just got my furniture how I like it.- Mzebonga

what? you mean they dont already? then, it must those dang gibbons from no. 42... i shall have to refit those anti-crazed-monkey bars. i think i left them in the shed...- Fido Dido

My monkey sock puppets would be so excited.- Meowmix

i would say thank you very much mr monkey man- keglineq

I would in most likelyhood see them and tell myself to stop consuming mushrooms.- Infested Butternuts

I would offer them tea, and crackers, then we could all toke this phat bud joint and make pretend we're from Wonderland. That would be the shit, yo.- Rotten Camel

I'll stick them in a box, and mail them to DC.- gone postal

i'd marvel at how they're able to lift furniture that even i can't without breaking my back- SiNiSTaR

I smoke some dope and sit on their heads- sven sven the sven

I would help them rearrange my furniture, I don't like it anyway- Blunt

no. they couldn't. in my house I don't have any furniture just these big soft walls.- syko morgana

I'd politely ask them to calm down, but continue rearranging my furniture in a tasteful way.- Witto

I'd arrange for a Feng Shui consultant to come and check see if my Karma was sufficiently balanced by this new arrangement- Barclay

Wouldn't happen, i didn't tell my family where I live.- Fergus O'dimbal

I would save money.- Chimpy

I'd think "Thank God, at least I don't have to move it by myslef."- Sami

i iwould do an indian rain dance to make it rain inside so that the monkeys got scared and ran outside to find shelter.- SYMG

As long as they don't touch my scab collection, I'm okay with it.- Indomitus

I'd tell them to make sure the couch still faced the TV.- Stupid Handle

i would pull out my trusty cannopener and ATTACK! the only problem is, i don't have any furniture. it's hard to fit much in a box.- ZOT

Depends if they were adhering to the rules of Feng Shui or not. If so, fair play. If not, well it would be monkey butt spanking time. Either that or I would set a sock monkey hoard on them, to show them what REAL primates are like.- Witto

what furniture?- ZOT

i'd hope that at least one of them had some sort of interior decorating skills.- Empriss Nikon

What?! I..I don't.. have any...furniture...- Spanky The Retarded Cat

i'd stand aside and take notes for that gay interior decorater on the discovery channel. he needs some help with his decorating, not enough bannanas involved.- Meow?

I kill them!!! I kill them all!!!!!- Mzebonga

I would make sure that they didn't spend to much of my money...but without a roof? now that would be cool so I can then count all those stupid lil annoying white dots in that big black thing above my head- Idiot

I would just have to do the same to their houses.....if monkey had houses.....or furniture.- Will I Am

damn u , i live in a paper bag, i dont have a roof.- IM THE ORIGINAL G O D

I'd be all like, "Hey, at least someone else is doing it for me...this isn't child labour! I'm not doing anything illegal..."- Vista

First I would ask for their credentials and ask them if they had a degree in such a thing. The I would ask them to make my house look like a Tora Bora cave, or a Irish Pub.- InsaneLane

I'd have to tell all the elephants who do it to leave since crazed monkeys could do the job much better.- McDiablo

I would invite them in for dinner 'cuz, hey, I'm a monkey's uncle...or is it aunt??? I dunno...- Miss Roger's Sweater

well seeings how i am a crazed monkey i probably invited them over to join in the fun of wrecking my parents place. FUN!- Shitzu

so- kittie

i would love it. monkeys are cooler than humans and probabally smarter than martha stewart- confusedmonkiegirl

i'd throw a really big party,cuz then i'd know my mom was dead.- Cookie

I'd treat them to dinner at Lenny's, I mean Denny's.- SilentWolf

They'd probably be trained by IKEA in Fung Shui,and that was their new job.- Skelter

Id flip out and run screaming demon monkeys are killing my motef.- shugaboonie

id say "damn that looks good, now get me a beer"!!- LubisKo

sweet a free remodling, i wonder if they'd paint for me too, i always wanted to have a more outdoorsy feel to my place...the guards may not enjoy it though

kill the monkies with garden hoes

Actually I've grown quite used to it. They do it every Thursday at 2am. Although I am getting a little tired of having to take the greedy old woman back to her shack because the always leave her in my fridge as she tends to spoil the milk.

I would stab my furniture with spears and poop in my hand, and throw my fecies at them- Dick Pound

i'd rub thier tails in thanx- keglineq

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