What if the world's currency became rocks?

Then everyone would be a little bit happier and a little bit richer - becca

landslide victims would have a sense of pride right up there with people getting run over by expensive cars - slain

Being stoned to death would be more fun - Becky

I'll start sueing people who throw all their money around. - gone postal

crack would be cheap - zim

I'd Find the biggest one around - Cat

I'd be fuckin' rich. - SilentWolf

I'd just start diggin'- Poptart

Then all the people who are rich now would be poor, as they currently live in sanitised, no nature environments,
and all the people in the third world who are currently the poorest people there are would get to be rich, 
and they would teach us all a lesson, which would be well deserved. - EP

Rocks rock! - mzebonga

i have a lot of those by my house - smertz

my stock in goat meat will crash - me

Id be so fucking rich i wouldn't be funnie - Kacidias

Mexico would be the richest country in the world. - Dootsie

then give me a pick 'n' shovel - skitz

you could harvest your own money. - ryansoup2005

i'd be filthy rich - Bad4You

my head would be my wallet - Ninja

COOL - Mari2001

Then a flint would be worth 2 cents, a pebble 5 cents and gold would still be worth the same. - fergus o'dimbal

Just what kind of rocks? The shiny ones would have to be worth the most. It wouldn't work out though, 
coz everyone would be stealing everyone elses driveway rocks, and people would become 
so obsessed with guarding their driveway rocks that they'd rake em up and there'd be no more driveways
  :( and a world without driveways is no world at all - kitten

I have a rock collection.,. I woulod be rich, what kinda rocks? does it matter? would the bigger ones be worth.. more? - s.i.l.e.n.t..c.r.y.s.

rocks of what? - chops

Hey buddy, can you spare a pumice? - Sgt. D.

Then I could crush my neighbor with what he loved most. - KindalLiz

I'd have to buy a new wallet - The Grim Fandangling Ballzak

why are you so numerous? - brittle pores

I have been anticipating this and now have millions saved in rock currency - Cock sonkey

I'D BE RICH!!!!!!!! - crzybstrd

What the crap?! what kind of question is that? - Mxrockergirl

then we'd all be fucking rich. - Laser-Monkey

On some planets, Earth rocks are currency. I would take all my rocks and move to that
planet except that there are no sock monkeys there.- Jenna

Farmers would be rich. - MeowMix

It'd be alot harder to carry around. - OmegaClarinet

I would be rich as hell! - Jugalet

I'll give you 6 pebbles for a boulder? - Chest-ica

no one would wanna steal your money cuz you could just throw it at them. - Cock Goblin

i would go find some and use them to buy porn, and a bible - THE demonic weasel

yay money for everyone - Sally

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