what if a third of the worlds population turned out to be robots
designed  by the government to generate revenue?

it would not surprise me- Fido Dido

It would explain the drag queen hookers- Jonut

That reminds me, I have to recharge my battery.- Meowmix

Well everyones like a robot anyway driving their boxes down the road to work and working like robots all day anyways so who cares.- Sally

i'll shoot myself- Spanky the retarded cat

Shite, and here's me thinking the world's governments did fuck all! I always suspected Mrs Pugh in our school's Biology lab mind you...- Barclay

what if i ate a piece of my dictionary apple face? I think that you would get pleasure off of seeing that.- syko morgana

i would ummm i think ummmmmm they ummmmmm HAY YOU KNOW WHAT THAT WOULD BE FUCKED UP- foofers

it can only end in tears...am i the only one thinking terminator here?- frazicus

Cool. Maybe I'm one of them.- Mzebonga

well... the rest of the world is in a whole world o' shit then huh- Tarzan

kill kill kill- keglineq

Do you mean the government stole my idea? Do you think you could capture a few for me so I could reprogram them?- gone postal

it's a possibility for the future- Roderick

i'd cry- smithie

More potatos for me- fergus o'dimbal

then revenue would most likely be great, wouldn't it?- chief

hmmm... i think id help the government, see how to program the robots, and then program them to torture all tree frogs and socks.- kasey(^-_-^)

we'd all die- Fugly

What an improvemant!- Freak182

it wouldn't surpise me- iceolate

damn it, why cant i have been designed to generate revenue?- psychotic_freak

i would cut off my toes.- Crazed Spatula

then that would suck really bad.- z24

I would start an anti-robot revenue squad... and we would have pointy rulers and dark sunglasses that do nothing... but people would think they did... and be afraid.- The Spoon

I would bust a cap in Bill Gate's ass and use Microsoft's technology to use those robotic people to become my own personal army, and take out Canada.- Infested Butternuts

the i would wonder why my girlfriend gets tired after we have sex. becouse robots dont get tired.- unobtaineum

Umm..Isn't that China?- Kitten

then id double the intake of crack cocaine- ashyo

They could serve out selfish needs. That's one robot per household. And they wouldn't need to eat.- Mzebonga

i'd lie in bad awake at nights for about 3 months wondering if i were a revenue generating robots, then when i realised that i didn't have a job, i'd get myself my own personal revenue generating robot, by sending a formal letter of application to the government outlining exactly my qualifications and plans for my robot.- marissa

Id be all like wow... and it would be cool.- WildWaterDude

They're called media personel. - gone postal

i'd like that sort of. they could clean stuff. - Antihero

i'd rewire their systems so they would steal stuff for me...them i'd dip them in water to see if they'd explode. - thecatsmeow420

thats just plain fucking stupid - sslitherr

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