What if red cured all diseases?

then i would hoard as much red as i could and keep it somewhere safe. then when everybody's foolishly wasted all of their red.
 i would sell it to the highest bidder then by myself a nice little island somewhere - psychotic_freak

i would eat the pancakes. - evil pop tart

The Manchester United shirts would be even more popular and every bastard would support them. Oh, they already do! - mzebonga

I thought red was a disease. - gone postal

80% of Americans would have red crotches..... - The Subhuman

i would patent it and sell it to third world countries for 16 times their national debt. hang on a minute.... 
i'm not american. i would paint the world red. - Fido Dido

Blood and Hell, is all that i can think of. - Meowmix

Well then this place would be a happier place to live at. No more deseases. - Tasha

that would be good - sally

I would use my blood to cure this rash I have down here. - ricidulous

Then blue would really be sad. - Mistofflies

then we wouldnt have diseases. - bigt

Rednecks would never get sick and hospitals would be covered in blood! - Elder God

saddam hussein would be pissed - Ninja X

i would be cool - jim

But red is such a garish colour. Why not green or blue? - Mzebonga

then we all would be fucked - delchi

Then obviously a certain portion of our society would say that it was evil... 
and if you believe that red will cure you then you'll go straight to Hell. - Jali

if red cured all the diseases then i would keep it to myself and sell it for lots of money - Southside

the world would be an incredibly healthy place. except in antarctica - there isnt much red there. 
that is of course until the evil diseases out there build up an immunity to red,
 then we would have to spend millions of dollars in research to see if blue could cure all diseases. - frazicus

then blue would be alot cheaper - Choadboy

Well, we'd definately live in a better place, now wouldn't we? - Zero_Chunky

If red cured all diseases then what effect would chicken pox have? - Crazy Matt

well then all those people in Africa wouldnt die of aids - 33112

then torturing or murdering people would not be such a bad idea - Vincenzo

then all shades of red should be replaces with it's compliment color, green. 
disease is one of the last population controls we have left. - Gidget

All my deseases would be cured right now. - grand_master_spikay

Simple. The government would most likely confiscate all things that were red, 
and would then have people paying enormous amounts of money to spend 20-25 minutes in "the red room" - borden

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