what if it became profitable to eat recycled shit?

then those damned african countries would become the new economical leaders of the world... bastards - psychotic_freak

i would get my little brother to do it then take all of his money and laugh in his face. - evil pop tart

How profitable? - mzebonga

It is. They're called hot dogs. - gone postal

Taco Bell would finally apeal to me..... - The Subhuman

i would recycle less. - Fido Dido

There would be a rise in bulimic and anorexic people. Because of the people puking the sick
tasting shit and the people who grow skinny from not daring to try the shit. - Meowmix

...Hell...no. If it did, I'd eat my own fingernails. - Tasha

wouldnt do it - sally

I would quit my job - ricidulous

then i would be a poor pooh man - Mistofflies

Then people would become rich. - bigt

Then I would become very wealthy from eating my own pure shit! - Elder God

id be rammming it down my sisters throat and demanding money - Ninja X

i would love it - jim

I would be a poor man. - Mzebonga

we could then eat each others shit - delchi

Then the people who spew out what they just heard from Jerry Fallwell and 
Pat Robertson would be rich, rich, RICH!!!! - Jali

i would feed it to all my minions - Southside

public toilet blocks would become overrun buy yuppies. - frazicus

There would be some interesting cartoon cereal characters. Like, Brownie the silly kangaroo,
 that would cleverly hide left over recycled shit in his pouch, and hide it from all the kids. - borden

I would starve to death. - grand_master_spikay

i would look like the worlds biggest bum, oh how rude of me, would you like some aluminum can? - Gidget

than i think shit would be recycled a little more often. - Vincenzo

i would go "shit" broke - 33112

Give me a spork and call me a happy miser - Crazy Matt

Now that's wrong! Hell I'd starve! - Zero_Chunky

the nonrecylable shit would become jelous and take over the would..then we would all be in deep shit - Choadboy

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