what if someone mispronounced your name to rhyme with poppy seed?

then id probably be called frazoppyceed. or maybe froppyzeed. i wonder what that would do to my self exsteem? i could spend the rest of my life being taunted by what was seemingly a harmless mistake! i'll never be able to watch the wizard of oz again!- frazicus

I'd kick them in the head see how they like that- Sally

then it wouldn't matter cuz if someone was saying MOPPY-TEED MOPPY TEED!!!! there is no way i'd think they were talking to me, so that would negate the previous sentence, rendering it useless, and deviod of meaning.that reminds me...- marissa

I don't see how that would work, so I'd give them a few bucks for a valiant effort.- Mzebonga

Fido Deed? i would be forced to force feed them forcefully, using several slave forcks by the power of the force.- Fido Dido

Jennifer=Joppyfeed- Meowmix

ppl always mispronounce my surname like whitewall and withall. totally wrong- keglineq

Then I would say "YOU FUCKING BITCH!" and rip their windpipe and start whacking that someone over and over until they pleaded for mercy, but I'd be all like "NO MERCY YOU ELEPHANT ASS FUCKER!" Then I'd shove their windpipe down their throat, just to have a small measure of revenge.- Infested Butternuts

I would assume this person has some fucking issues. Then I'd tell him he needs help, sending him to the nearest pre-school to at least get a decent education, and learn how to say my name right. After such, I would feel happy because I helped one stupid fuck off of the streets.- Rotten Camel

Then I would have to give them a lot of money because there really is no way to mispronounce my name that way.- gone postal

poppy seeds remind me of those buns i used to eat as a kid..........- SiNiSTaR

It depends on who the person is, if it was a backstreet boy, I would shoot him but if it was anyone within reason I would applaud their wit- sven sven the sven

I would attack them with the baboons next door.- Blunt

Id light them on fire.- syko morgana

I'd laugh. A lot. then realise I was being insulted and cry. a lot.- Witto

How the hell can you pronounce Barclay as Poppy Seed?- Barclay

I'd pelt them with potato and shout "My name is Fergus O'dimbal!! My name is Fergus O'dimbal!! My name is Fergus O'dimbal!! My name is Fergus O'dimbal!!" Until they got the idea. Or until they died.- Fergus O'dimbal

i would poke them. repeatedly- Chimpy

I'd correct them and tell them never to fucking do that again.- Sami

my name does rhyme with poppy seed. and we sing about it. laalaalaa. *giggles* and dance, and sometimes if im really good then popeye wil letme eat the cans when hes finished. :)- SYMG

I'd have to kill them, of course, then cut them into tiny pieces and feed them to yak that lives in my hamper.- Indomitus

it depends: if it were a guy or ugly chick: i'd clap if it were an attractive chick: i'd insist that that means she's interested in me- Stupid Handle

i think i'd go the cannopener option again- ZOT

I'd award them with the annual 'Pronounciation Geniusnous' award, because it would have to be pretty well mispronounced to sound anything like 'poppy seed'.- Witto

i would relise they were from new zealand and let it go- ZOT

what kind of speech impediment are we talking about here? that's pretty bad. empriss nikoppy seed! hahaha i shall be referred to as that from this day foward. All pay reverence to the almighty Empriss Nikoppy Seed!- Empriss Nikon

Ah! Well... I neva! You're just RuDe!- Spanky The Retarded Cat

i'd meow mozart's concertos at them until they could only speak gibberish and call up the asylum. ahhh..sweet revenge!- Meow?

I kill them!!! I kill them all!!!!! And then I kill you too, damn you!!!- Mzebonga

then I'd have t hurt them....but what DOES actually rhyme with it?- Idiot

I would have to make them eat poppy seeds until they couldn't pronounce poppy seed!- Will I Am

It would be okay if they gave me a blowjob.- IM THE ORIGINAL G O D

People mispronounce my name all the damn time...people didn't learn how to pronounce "c" in kindergarte...it's not pronounced like a "g" people! Okay, I think I went off topic...what was the question again???- Vista

I'm not sure what i would do. I might slap them in the face with an umbrella if it was tuesday, but if it was thursday I would whip them with a tape worm. If it was Sunday, however, I believe that i would place them on a chair with a noose around there neck and tickle their feet with a feather. But any other day i would weep like a little girl whose kitty had just been ran over.- InsaneLane

my name would be Shoppy Meed...isn't mead alcohol?? Alcohol sucks ass..."shoppy" sounds like shopping...I'm a girl and I think shopping is no fun..thank you, good night, amen!!- McDiablo

I'd go "ahhhhh" you figured out my secret identity and then run away like a little school girl.- Miss Roger's Sweater

you mean like shitzu seed? i would cry ... thats not funny...- Shitzu

nnnnnnnnoooooo- kittie

oh wow im so offended- confusedmonkiegirl

what if my name IS poppy seed?- Cookie

I'd toss 'em under a train.- SilentWolf

Weed, Creed, Indeed...nothing much wrong with that. But if they made my name rhyme with SPATULA then i'd have to kill them!- Skelter

no way- shugaboonie

id kick the living shit out of him!!!- LubisKo

wouldn't be hard b/c seed already rhymes with seed

kick their ass and call them poppy seed

I would have to give them a lot of money because I really don't think that it is possible with my name.

it would be soppy peed- keglineq

i was bottle my anal juices- Dick Pound

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