what if i poked at your ass with a pointy stick?

My ass would become so angry that I would have to kill myself before it took over the world. - Stubbyneez

My donkey would probably kick u in the face. I would laugh. - Crazy Matt

If you poked me in the ass, I would hunt you down, tie you up, and poke at your ass until you piss your pants. - Meowmix

I'd grab it off you and stick it up your ass!!! - Sally

i would cry for a few days... then i would build my own army of pointy sticks, then revenge would be mine, 
oh yes, it would be mine - psychotic_freak

I would shove that pointy stick up your ass. - wahine

ooooo! mmmmmm.....pointy.... - Fido Dido

what if i poked YOUR ass with my DICK? - SiNiSTaR

I'd get back that chili dog - mrsatan

id have to stick a red hot poker in your eye. - frazicus

I'd grab the stick and stab you in the balls - Kei-chan

I'd scream and say "God , am I dead? Is this purgatory? I feed the donkey,it's not my fault it died!" - Meow?

I'd cry - aaron nelson

I'd say, "Cousin Billy Bob, you got released! Now we can get married just like we always planned." - Princess

I would say HEY YOU JUST POKED MY ASS WITH A POINTY STICK, BITCH! wait...do it again i liked it - Nicole

I would break your fucking jaw and then poke your eyes out with a pointy stick. - blunt man

You wouldn't dare.. - kinky kong

i'd scream "ow!" n call u a kinky bastard - loveandhugs2001

i would fuck u up - twisted freak

I would tell you to do it again and Again and AGAIN and.... um... nevermind - ZIMIAN

hey! that's not a stick! who are you tryin' to fool anyways? just bend over, i got a pointy stick for you too! - Power Nibbler

*grunt* - Pumpkin muncher

you would get it back up yours - keglineq

id be mad and kill you with the stick - idontremember

i would stick your head up my ass to retrieve it, like you wouldnt like it - love of all things round

you'd get your head stuffed up your ass so far it'd come out again... - Spanky the retarded cat

I'd go mooooooooooooo. - syko morgana

the little grren man behind mt ear would singe my eyebrows again - Ninja

I'd Probly have to kill you! - Nessa

What if I liked it? - Duch

I would have to hunt down your family for a lock of their hair IF you got my tattoo of Mr.T smudged. - Ricidulous

id be pissed and then somewhat aroused - society sucks

I'd fart on your grave! - bobo

then it would remind me of grandpa. - poo face

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