what if you discovered you could never die?

whaaat? then all my suicide attempts would have been in vain!!- Vegetable Rights Foundation

I would run like hell from the credit card companies, fake my death, change my name, then get more credit cards.- gone postal

I have already discovered that.- DementEd

Ahem. Sock monkeys live forever.- MeowMix

well if you stayed young it would be alright but what if you became a shrivelled old prune what then?- Sally

then id probably go jump off a cliff. just to see what the fuss was all about. actually, now that i think about it...a discovery like that would lift an immense weight off my shoulders in regard to hard drugs.- frazicus

I would live 4eva- hev

well i'd start making up a totally insane plan to take over the world but somehow it gets foiled and the next night i'd do the same and the vicious cycle would continue- megnolia

Well, I'd have to make it inconspicuous so I don't become property of the government, so I wouldn't pull any public performances. I'd take what would normally be concidered lethal amounts of psychedelic drugs on a daily basis, Oh wait!! NO. I'd be retarded after a month of that. Okay, I'd do that for a week. When I got used to the notion, I'd live in one place for around 4 years then I'd move on to another town so I could experience the end of the world. I'd rather not have this happen though.- Mr. Wuck

id start crying and fingering the ass off myself. then id try and kill myself. failing that id probably start crying and play some bass. i know id cry alot. everything else depends on the situation. - trebor mcmann

Where's Charles? Where's Charles? The pot roast is done.- Syko Morgana

damn.i'd try to kill myself in different ways when i'm bored as a way to amuse myself. i'd get my friends to think up new, creative ways of commiting suicide, probably hold a competition, give out prizes. i'd hold,"lets kill marissa" parties every other friday. it would be fun. and thinking about it, attempted murder seems a good way to cool of some stress. people would soon be paying me to let them try and kill my ass. it would replace yoga and all that new age shit as the in thing for stressed out people to do.i would RULE!!!!!! yeah....- marissa

Id go wit mah gangsta homiez an pop a cap in ur ass byatch.- Dog in da hood.

Ha Ha i want to die so i dont even want to think about that one- Dane

i would go all over the world naked running into tennis , rugby, football, golf, motorsport, soccer and not forgetting all general meeting of any kind including the annual soft toy and model train meeting at the nec in birmingham england. then of course taking no notice of the fact i knew already that i couldn't die i would spent the rest of eternity jumping off cliffs for a bit of fun well at least until i hit the floor- saracen

i would still live an agoraphobic life cuz you can still break your bones and hurt yourself, you just can't die from it. i rest my case perry mason. - Miss Roger's Sweater

i'd throw myself in front of cars and sue the drivers...- Yo'Monkey

i'd take up smoking, fuck anyone i want and find a way to finance my needs- SAnimal

I'd kill myself.- Witto

if i could discove that i could never die...then i would slap my annie dog around with a halibut fish steak, and then she'd eat it. then, if she did eat my halibut fish steak, i would brush my teeth with crest whitening toothpaste, then spit my toothpaste spit on my little annie dogs back. she wouldn't really realize what i did, because she's so lazy. she's probably eat it though. you're oprobably wondering why i would even slap a dog with a fish, well that's because i'd be so shocked to be able to live for-ev-er, that i wouldn't really think at that moment, except to run for the fish, and toothpaste, because fish makes your breath stink bad..like a funky kinda stink.- baby g  a.k.a. babydeep gurdup

well i'd party hardy and see if all this immortality stuff is as cool as it sounds, i'd jump into hot molton lava (riiight), shoot various limbs...etc...well...maybe not, it may not kill me, but it would hurt like hell! - Muckaferguson

I'd stop reading the bible.- thanatophyte

Find that damn Lap Dancing Sock Monkey, whew I played that game and i could never find her, i figured i was just fucked up though, it might be right most things are except of course bees so much better than canadians ugh i shudder at the mere thought damn them damn them......... anyways yes thats what i would do. - Franky the one-armed midget

I would play in traffic- Nanna

Then I would steal a space shuttle and see if there really is life out there.- Mistofflies

There would be a couple of people out there who would be dead, dying or seriously injured. There are quite a few people who inhabit this earth that I can't stand...I would use this ability to live forever to my advantage...I would sneak up to them when they least expect it and chuck Timbits at them. Mr. Horton would be so proud.....- McDiablo

it depends cause you could get sick and not die and be in pain all the time and that would suck o or your foot could get cut off and you would be the person with one foot and never die but if you could stay young and never have your foot cut off then it would be cool cause you could become the next mother teresa and do the world some good.- daft cow

If I discovered I could never die, I would totally flip out, and I guess......I would be here forever.- sparkleglow21

what?! you mean i'm not already immortal...? - Fido Dido

Wow that would be the best thing ever, It'd only be really cool though if I couldn't break any bones either cause otherwise eventually I'd break all my bones and end up lying somewhere in extreme pain or something else messed up like having to carry my head around.- p kraked

i would quickly buy two big sword's and walk the streets claiming to be highlander choping of the heads of of innocent people.- dizzy weazel

What do you mean "what if?" Are you trying to tell me I really am a mortal?? EEEK!- liz

I would make million doller bets that people couldnt kill me and make shit loads of money, then i would have enough to send sone to DC.- LubisKo

Well, i would first jump off the tallest building i could find screaming "IM GONNA LAND ON YOU!" THEN I WOULD GO AND HARRASS SOME pOLICE AND KICK THEIR HEADS IN AND STUFF.....- *_AsterZ_*

I can't die. What's all this "what if" crap?- Mzebonga

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