what if you won millions of dollars... would you send us some of it?

that depends... would you help me win it? then agin, if you threatened to cease the insane domain unless i did...id be forced to.- frazicus

Maybe about $5 hahahaha and if I did win a million dollars I would travel the world and drop your five bucks to you in person.Hows that for nice!- Sally

only if u promise 2 worship me 4 the rest of ur sad little lives- Harri

If I won millions of dollars id have a lot of money. You would have to do me sexual favors to get any of it. - Dazed o.O

nope- :D

no. get your own million dollars- Zack

what do you mean by us? are you some super secret people who hide in my computer monitor just waiting for me to look away from the screen and steal my underwear...- Zack

I go to your site everyday...I think I'll need to use the money to pay for the therapy I need after doing so. Oh, and maybe I'll buy a car, too...- McDiablo

Maybe I will or maybe I WILL...or maybe I'll use it to buy very rare New Kids on the Block stuff.- Vista

i'd buy the one thing i want most...a sock, then after fulfilling my mission, i'd donate a few bucks to you guys. no, not a few bucks... a few HUNDRED bucks(so generous, i know)- Nocuum

I would buy theinsanedomain.com, put DC in complete control of it, then take all the credit for the work he put into it. Hmm... what about an insanedomain.com tv show?- gone postal

would you send it back?- psychotic_freak

If I won millions of dollars, I would open up a sock monkey orphanage and dedicate it to theinsanedomain.com, but no, you wouldnt get one damn cent.- MeowMix

nah...well, maybe a few dollars, i guess, but if i saw something that i wantedsobadbecausei'vealwayswantedit then, i'd definintly buy it...and i forget wut i'm gonna say...- Kearf

yes. in fact i would send you all of it. if i could crash at your place anytime i wanted. and become a loyal honoured servant of the Cats when they take over the world.- Fido Dido

id probably burn it. sure... i mean ashes of course, but sure- unclehenry

shit again- pi

Only in return for services- Mzebonga

yup. :)- Sya

Not only that, I'd buy your entire company, so I can be the one to ask those million-dollar-questions, so I can get more money.- Sodatab

sure y not- meagnolia

i'd send you all of it, very penny. then I'd proabaly get depressed later while I was in a financial cram then i'd call you up and ask for a loan and you'd of coruse treat me awfully, and refuse.and laugh in my face. then i'd go kill my self. - pokey

hells the fuck no- Yo Momma

what if you didint deserve it?- Asterz

no. i would never send you money. your website sucks, you suck and DC sucks. i suck lolipops- Moo Mooo

HELL NO! Get your own money.- land-mine eagle

That depends on what you give me. how about a mansion, on my own personal island, where all you are my slaves? yeah . . . that would do.- Piranha

Of course i would cause you guys kick ass.- Stupid Handle

i'd buy a pony and send u guys the rest, i only want a nice little pony...- It

i said it once and i wont say it again.- The X

yes- ????JAGE>><<

Sure! If you eat my balls!- *_Asterz_*

Definitely. Without a doubt. Almost for sure. Quite possibly. Maybe. Probably not, no.- Keta

If you send me a million first.- Hedge Monkey

Hahahah, HeLL yEh NinJa, u Familia, NuTTiN BuTT CLowN LoVe JuGGaLo's... MCL- JuggaNutzInYaMouF

Yeah and then I would go buy an axe petting zoo. Hee hee hee hee- Blunt

well, you've gotta define millions. if it was two, then probably not. But if it was 4 or 8, yea, more than likely, but you'd have to spend it on an expensive, pointless, insane experience. For example going to a beach on the equator, and wrestling with someone. Then, quickly, fly to the top of a giant mountain near the north pole, and doing the same thing. Y'know, gravity, and it'd be strange. - Mr. Wuck

prolly not im thinkin i would buy and manage a goat farm- crazy goat

hell yeah, if i have change left over after i buy me a lamborhini, a 100-bedroom, 2000-bathroom mansion and a shih-tzu...then i'll send it to you.- Vegetable Rights Foundation

who is this stalker? how did u know? I will tell the people under the couch...they will come for you- Insanity In The Flesh

it depends on how many of those dinosaur head award things you would give me- popedoug

sure why not, after all, what are all the smart people gonna laugh at if this site ever goes away???- breakfast dougwood

hell no- podman

Yes!!!!- land-mine eagle- land-mine eagle

yes!!!! - imma

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