what if ladybugs invaded your ass and refused to leave?

i would get someone to lick them out, and then boil them until they told me where their leader was, then i would eat him- Fido Dido

I would squish them with my butt cheeks and make bug juice- Jonut

The ladybugs would reproduce and spread to other areas of my body, then the only choice would be to commit suicide.- Meowmix

I like lady bugs but not up my ass so I might poison them so they die.- Sally

...no comment...- Spanky the retarded cat

I'd stick my mum's Dual Cyclone vacuum up my ass and crank up the power, "Take that you fucking little cretins!"- Barclay

Metamucil...- syko morgana

well i would be forced to shit them out thare problem solved- foofers

the id be the only individual in the world inhabited by a ladybug colony! id be a patron saint for ladybuds everywhere! the little lady bugs would begin their new harmononious life without the corruption and greed of the outside insect world. they would develop, prosper and expand....probably into the pancreas. ladybug uptopia!!!!! of course, theyd then be faced with overpopulation and be forced to colonise arses elsewhere.- frazicus

I'd invest in colonic irrigation and, if that didn't work, I'd get a spider to crawl up there and get them.- Mzebonga

eww... i think i'd have jane kill me- Tarzan

the spiders would have to be brought in...- keglineq

I would drink a lot of gasoline then attempt to set my self on fire. Failing at that since I am immortal, I would ask my sister to help.- gone postal

then you'd be shitting otu ladybugs for the rest of your life.- Roderick

i'd cry- smithie

I'd shove a potato up there to bung it up until the anal gas suffocated them- fergus o'dimbal

It's pretty comfy in there I guess...just ask the guy who's in there now.....- chief

hmmmmm... well, id have friends for once..- kasey(^-_-^)

I would send them supplies so they could continue living there as long as they didn't tickle it be cause well that owuldn't feel all to great shoving a pencil up your butt cuz they lady bugs are tickling it!- Fugly

Again?- Freak182

that might feel pretty damn good... but if not, i could give myself a bleach enema- iceolate

i would eat mexican food, lots of mexican food, then we will see who wants to stay in my ass and who doesnt- psychotic_freak

i would bribe them with marijuana.- Crazed Spatula

i would take a shit the they would be shit out becouse my shit log would force them out and i would flush them down the toilet and they could eat all the shit in the sewer- z24

I would set up some sort of payment plan... cable would not be included in this deal though.- The Spoon

I would eat raw cabbage rip a big wet fart to kill them all.- Infested Butternuts

i would welcome them with mint toilet paper- unobtaineum

Well I wouldn't mind really, as long as they go to bed at a decent hour and not fly out of my ass at awkward moments..although I don't think I could get used to the constant crunching as I walked and the lady bug carcasses in my poop- Kitten

then id offer them 1st class accomendation and give them a nice hot brown bath- ashyo

I'm sure they'd have squatters rights and I doubt I could do much to legally remove them. They'd be pretty smelly ladybugs, though.- Mzebonga

well, i'd request that they at least didn't block the path of my shit and if they refused, i'd take a powerful, yet gentle laxative and ...well....i think the rest is obvious.- marissa

I'd take a big shit and they'd come out all brown and smelly stuck in my crap like little pieces of corn. Then I'd laugh and piss on them.- WildWaterDude

I'd drink lots of pesticide then try to shit it out. Failing at that, I'd drink lots of gasoline, then swallow a lit road flare. - gone postal

i'd shit them out. - Antihero

i'd take a laxitive and keep shitting untill they could no longer take it...then when they left i'd flush the tolet so they'd go bye bye. - thecatsmeow420

i'd kill myself and all ladybug population - sslitherr

I'd start singing one of Shers songs through my ass, lets see them stay there now - Freak182

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