what if jellyfish grew legs and demanded jobs?

you mean they havent yet?!?!..... o shit then who the hell is working the counter???? - psychotic_freak

i would lick it. and say you can't have a job because i don't have a job - evil pop tart

Australia wouldn't let them into the country. - mzebonga

We'll feed them to the tree frogs. - gone postal

We might actually have an intelligent life form run for office in the near future..... - The Subhuman

argh! burn them all! get the flamethrower! call out the army! the marines! the SBS! - Fido Dido

The jellyfish would start a protest march because we dont want to employ 
them and then they would march out of the water and dry up and die. - Meowmix

Hmm.. -thinks hard-... uhhh... If that ever happens, I wanna see pigs fly and money grow on trees too. - Tasha

fuck them haha - sally

jellyfish are potentlly poisoness.they could run our army. Then they would turn on 
our government and begin their quest to rule the world. - ricidulous

Great more equal rights. - Mistofflies

Then i would chop there legs off and through them in the ocean. - bigt

the world would be "shocked." - Elder God

life would be good - Ninja X

id hire them - jim

They wouldn't, they'd probably claim benefits. - Mzebonga

we fuck them and kill them afterward - delchi

I would tell them to go back into the ocean until they learned some manners! 
Clue them into the fact that we *ask*, we don't demand. - Jali

i would ask them for 2 picture ids and do a criminal backround check on them - Southside

if the jellyfish proved they were competent, i dont see why they couldnt work among people and umbrellas. - frazicus

Wasn't there a movie like that? I guess, if they were big and scary enough we'd have to humor the walking jellyfish...for a while.
But once they became comfortable with their cushy jobs, the human race would gang up on them with chainsaws,
and saw off their pathetic legs, and, carefully, toss them back into the sea. - borden

OH-NO!!!!!!the attack of the killer legged jellyfish!!!! - grand_master_spikay

well i would hope they also fell under equal opportunity employment laws,
i mean if they were better suited for the job than a white man than more power to them. - Gidget

I wouldn't hire them. i mean come on, who want's a jellyfish in an industry. - Vincenzo

well then the work force wouldn't be boring - 33112

climing up the corporate ladder would be easier, you'd just have to clean the bottom of your shoes more often - Crazy Matt

SHIT!! SHOOT THEM ALL!!! - Zero_Chunky

they would be horrible hookers - Choadboy

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