what if you were trapped in a box with a hat, some garbage and 12 red pens?

i would create a tower with the pens! Smother the hat and roll around in the garbage. - FrEaKgUrL

I'd be all MacGyver like and make a car engine/gun/microwave oven and cook the dead cat carcass in the garbage to eat and use as fuel for the engine. Then I would take my left foot and turn it into bullets. I would then put the gun to my head and pull the trigger only to realize that the 12 red pens have me hostage and I would die of lonliness from not having my cat carcass friend anymore. Well...at least I'm not hungry.- AnthraxBoy

i'd put the garbage on my head and shove the hat up my ass and try to make a tower out of the pens- the demon

i would start bustin a move, scattin', and writing opus' with red pen instrumentation. you know you've been a music kid for too long when you can write symphonies in sonata allegro form in a box!- Miss Roger's Sweater

id stack all the pens on top of each other then id make a little hole in the side and poke fat people walking by with my large red pen stick haha oh how theyd jiggle muahaha oh you mean how would i get out? easliy apoligize to one of the fat people and hold up some of the garbage and say its a twinkie. after they madly rip up the box i confess its not a twinkie and apologize profusely for my stupidness, then id kill them muahha and poke them again and again until they enjoyed it damnit jiggle jiggle hee hee- franky one- armed midget

i'd put the hat on, eat the garbage, and sniff the red ink til i died inside the box. well dude, what would you do?- Kreepie

well the pens are cool ,I'd daw or something- Sally

i'd stick the red pens up my nose as not to smell the garbage and if it gets cold i'll wear the hat- randy

well personally if i were trapped in a box with all that stuff i would GOD DAMMIT I CAN"T THINK WHY IS IT ALWAYS ME WOH CANT GET IDEAS !!!!!!!!! HEY I KNOW WHY DON"T YOU ANSWER THAT QUESTION HUH?????????????????? - Phat Matt

Smoke the pens- The Fool

i'd sit and munch on some garbage while i formulate my plan, then i'd construct an explosive device out of the wrappers and 11 of the pens, blow my way out of the box, and use the last pen to get the number of the hot guy who's hittin on me cuz i look damn good in my cool sunday hat... then munch some more garbage.... munch munch munch me want COOKIE.- Empriss Nikon

id create "hatty" my one and only friend. then me and hatty (with his milk bottle limbs, red features and noodle hair) woulg lure alley cats to our box with promises of cream and sardines. then we'd have our own civilisation of cats to command and bend to our will. then, with various mind control techniques (which hatty is so adapt at) we will brainwash our cat minions, break free of our box prison and use them to take over the world! Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!- frazicus

Well, i'd eat the garbage, make the hat red everywhere by drawing on it with the pens, then wear it backwards, ranting and raving about how i'm Fred Durst and i'm going to take over the world.- Dolpha

I'd pull a rabbit out of the hat, eat it, shit it out, wipe my ass with the grabage and then proceed to inject red ink into my blood... Then I'd jump into the hat (from where the rabbit came) and find out where those fluffy, fuzzy fukkers come from god damn it!- R Dire

if it was a cardboard box there'd be a problem...see, cardboard isn't exactly waterproof, so if it rains, i'm screwed. if it was a wooden one, i'd be slightly better off but not much. i'd prefer a box that was made of bricks, had a roof on top, two storeys, a TV, a fridge, maybe a recliner, and i'd be set for life....oh wait there has to be a crapper too, in case i eat the hat. lotsa fiber in hats, you know...- SiNiSTaR

I'd colour myself in in red ink, put on a hat and sew some clothes out of garbage. Then I'd invent a new religion: the garbage- and hat-wearing, red-skinned league of monkey men.- Fergus O'dimbal

I'd draw plans on the brim of the hat as to how to escape using garbage and a hat with writing on.- Mzebonga

I'd eat the hat, put the garbage on my head and try and hide from the pens because they all want to write naughty things on me.- Dolpha

eat the hat, and discuss the best ways of cooking politicians with the pen while using the rubbish to make myself a third leg- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

I'd be very happy cuz I'd make me some new friends- Blunt

the box would become my new body and face. bits of garbage could be features and the hat would top it off. spiffy!- keglineq

you would eventually die, and before that you would be driven to insanity and stab yourself to death with the red pens and die or die by shoving so much garbage down your throat either sufficate or choke.- pig

Cool, I could wear the hat and draw lines, like dot to dot from one piece of garbage to the other.- imp

i would probaly color the hat red and play with the garbage- Bob

I would play a game which would involve eating a certain amount of garbage, wearing a hat on my feet and inserting red pens into crevices in my body until no more open body parts were left. Then I would hole my nose and watch the pens fly away with the hat...- Jonut

i'd masturbate- bitch aka kat

I would draw a face on the hat and feed it the garbage- bananamanda

i would wear the pens, eat the hat, and worship the garbage.- popedoug

That's called my cubicle... I usually use the pens to hunt down the hat hiding behind my computer, then burn the trash to cook the hat before I eat it.- gone postal

i would eat the garbage stick the pens in the hat wear it and invite over some friends to see my excellent fashion sense and they would then be then stuck in the box with me for all eternity and i would annoy them until there brains turned into a green liquid and oozed out there heads- Sk8erGecko

I'd develop an independent nation with the pens as my subjects. And the pens would live amongst the garbage while I preside over them wearing the hat of authority. Then the pens would over throw me and steal my hat. Then they'd make me eat the garbage and the box before making a break for it and trying to overthrow the whole country.- Mzebonga

but i am trapped in a box with a hat, some garbage, and 12 red pens... wait a minute... most of these questions are based on my life... you guys are stalking me! i better put some clothes on...- Fido Dido

create an interstellar jump suit- Ninja

I would proably eat everything in the box to keep me alive, then realize I should have just chewed my way out of the box in the first place- Crazy soda can crusher

Make clothes out of the garbage and put the hat on, then you would draw a hole in the box and climb out.- chip

i'd make someone to talk to- midgit

i would write my thoughts on the side of the box with the red pens while wearing the hat and eating the garbage but i would prolly get lonely and become schizophrenic so i could have someone to talk to.- dumb blonde

ah would be 1 unlucky cunt to get maself into that kind of situation- gerry

I'd eat the hat and colour in the garbage- booboo

I'd color the various pieces of garbage red, stick on the hat and pretend I was in a box of well ... red garbage.- SararararararaS

I would just have more stuff for me to poop on!- F.T.L.

i'd die- derek

i'd make neato patterns with the garbage obviously.- AMP

i would turn to my invisible friend and start drawing all over their face and give them measlesitis and make them sit on the hat and fly on the little purple mushrooms- turquoiseraven

I would use the ink in the pens to draw puzzle pieces all over my body and then call myself "The Enigma Wannabe". I would then use the hat to practice my magic of turning garbage into cute little white bunny rabbits. If I practice enough, I could make money with my act and upgrade my box to, let's say, a refridgerator box. Sweet.- McDiablo

i would wear the hat, eat the garbage, and draw everywhere on me and the box.- skittles

i would dance around in circles inside the box, chanting to the garbage, excomunicate the hat, and screw the pens- popedoug

what if there were only 11 red pens??- oriongk

i would put on the hat, smell the trash, and write lover boy all over my body- butthead

smoke the box and draw on the pens with the hat- foetus

try and hack my way out with the pens. - bloody hormones

I would find something to occupy myself with- Woodstock

i'd make sure i covered every inch of the box with red ink and then i would build a statue with the garbage and name it jimmy and sing to it as loud as i could so that the aliens that are watching me and taping my thoughts will realize that i wasnt joking when i thought loudly that i was trapped ina box and desperately short on air.- cheezy

i'd color the hat red, and use the garbage to attach the 12 pens to it and then since i'm in a box but not specifically a sound proof box i'd sing songs in a language that i made up as loud as i possably could.- dandru

Why red pens????? Why can you never ever find a blue pen, not even when you are trapped in a box with garbage and a hat?!?!?!?!- sarinie

What size hat?- jessie

go on a strike in which I give up chives, until I am given my very own sock monkey with which I can do as I please.- Fish

i would write on the inside of the box and eat the garbage- gizmo

I would be that one in the bin from Sesame Street- Mystic Murray

lollypops- swirliegirl

I really don't know! I don't wear boxes, don't write with hats and...- Omuletzu

First I would wear the hat because it looks like a human foot to me. I would then melt all the pens to make a voodoo doll of myself, after that I would use the garbage to make an advanced catapult, which I would use to launch the remaining garbage at the voodoo doll of myself causing space garbage to rain down on the box destroying it... Then I would find another box because it's so damn cozy being confined.- Geno

Enjoy some personal alone time with a few of my faviorate talking junk- BillyGoatJoe

well....i would eat the garbage hoping there was some type of poisen in it and i would hope to die, and if i didn't than i would try to suffocate myself with the hat....and if that still didn't work, out of sheer anger i'd bust out of the box and run around naked and draw clothes on myself with the red pens, keep the pens and continue to look for whoever it was that trapped me in the box. once i found them i would continously stab them with the pens until they died..even after they died i would keep on stabbing them...take the bodies and cook the meat than feed it to all the hungry and/or homeless sock monkeys, and give them food and shelter. ~urmom

id eat the pens...for survival..were the hat for warmth cus most of the heat comes out of ur head and i need all the heat i can keep in my head and the garbage would pass my time..like making things like sculptures,more clothes,friend, boyfriend..u know and then ill just slowly dig through the box wit my finger nails! - double

we would become friends and live hapily Ever after in our box:)- hopsgotcaught

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