what if sexy killer robots took over the planet and forced you to eat dirt?

that'd be ok...but only as long as theyre sexy robots. i wouldnt eat dirt for ugly robots.- frazicus

I would shoot them of course I'm not eating dirt, not even for sexy robots!- Sally

i wud marry the boss robot & therefore avoid all dirt eating....haha- Harri

Id be a naughty boy and not eat enough of the dirt. Theyd have to give me a spanking. I think id like that. - Dazed o.O

if they were killer robots wouldnt they kill u not force u to eat dirt?- :D

how sexy? and what kinda dirt? that nice store bought dirt? thats stuffs loaded with nutrients... - Zack

i would ask if i could have some diet dirt.. hey it's half the calories.. and you can't even tell the difference.. it still tastes like my moms meatloaf..- Zack

Since I eat dirt everyday, I would laugh right in their sexy faces and say, "In your face you sexy killer robots!" But then they'd make me eat something else, I bet, something fake and loaded with bacteria...like a hotdog....- McDiablo

After chomping down on some dirt against my will, I will band together with a few rebels and attack...we'd be armed with videos of Britney Spears' old concerts so they can look upon yet another killer robot!- Vista

i'd use my super awesome hearing and listen to hear if they're mentioning their weakness as i'm consuming some worm-filled dirt, then attack by showing them some pics of hairy, nasty, disgusting greek men - Nocuum

I'll organize a militia of humans to assist the cats in over throwing the robots by convincing the humans that the cats will be nice to them once they take over, which is of course a big lie... but they don't know it.- gone postal

THEN BRING ON THE DIRT!!!!!!!!! mmm dirt- psychotic_freak

I would rebel and kick dirt into their mechanical eyes.- MeowMix

well, now, first, we have to ask two questions there: one, why are they forcing us to eat dirt? and two what kinda of dirt? if they wanted us to eat dirt in order for them to get power,, then of course, i might not mind it, but if it were for their amusment, then, i dont think i would like it at all. now, what kind of dirt? if we're talking dirt to what sexy killer robots think is dirt, then this might be chocolate, or cheese, or somesuch food, then of course, i wouldnt mind at all. now, if the dirt, was, well, ordinary dirt, then, no. unless it had gold in. or food. or if they paid us. then yes.- Fido Dido

mmmmm dirt- unclehenry

shit- pi

How sexy? And would we get to sleep with them? We'd adapt anyhow. But a nod's as good as a wink to a blind bat.- Mzebonga

I think I would commit suicide- Sya

I would eat the dirt, because if I'm near the ground, I could probably get a glimpse underneath their metallic killer-robot skirts.- Sodatab

ok- meagnolia

I'd eat the dirt, I'd enjoy it even more if it was free. dirt is so good.- pokey

then I'd be uh eating dirt- Yo Momma

Ive eaten dirt before.....the gritty stuff takes your mind off of the taste...so it isint that bad.....YES!- Asterz

i wouldnt eat dirt, i would eat their dick- Moo Mooo

Do it.- land-mine eagle

What's wrong with eating dirt? i serve dirt to all my friends, and they don't complain. though all have died of myterious deseases . . .- Piranha

I would not eat dirt and hope they found my resistance to be a turn on.- Stupid Handle

then i'd pull out the fork i'd been using to scratch myself with like the nice lady on the TV told me to, eat some dirt to trick them into thinking i'm co-operating then jump up, run away and hide in my disc drive armed with a lobster pick.- It

i would bribe them to pay DC money. and before you know it the killer robots would be tame robots eating their own dirt.- The X

I would think that i wasn't not what the thing is so yes.- ????JAGE>><<

id eat it of course....i was gonna do it anyways because im gettin a new website and make it better than yours you bastard!- *_Asterz_*

Someone somewhere would see it as a chance to make some money, and start selling dirt at ludicrous prices so the robots changed their minds, deciding it was too expensive, and fly away home. Definitely.- Keta

I would use the dirt to throw in their eyes, then run off, almost tripping and falling, but not. Then amazingly find in the nick of time a red switch to turn offf the robots, and then it would be made into a movie.- Hedge Monkey

Den i would sEy FuK u MuthaFucka, Gimme sUM BBq Sauce den We Kan FuqiN TaWK... MuThAfAcKoO!!!- JuggaNutzInYaMouF

I spit dirt in their face and then try to fuck them.- Blunt

seriously? I'd do it, quietly, so as not to make them notice me, then i'd start writing about my experiences in a book. Later, I'd search for like minded people who were fed up (get it? fed up?) with eating dirt. Then I'd think about Che Guevara and geurilla warfare, and I'd hold meetings and outline elaborate plans to my devotees which worked in past wars against a semmingly unbeatable force. Then, the night before the raid, I'd commit suicide. I think.- Mr. Wuck

well, i would have a mouth full of dirt then now wouldnt i- crazy goat

dirt is better than sushi, i guess.- Vegetable Rights Foundation

I would tell them i would eat dirt if they would eat me out- Insanity In The Flesh

eat dirt until i could be harbored by kiwi- popedoug

live in a loaf of bread- breakfast dougwood

id fuck em, then steal one of their ships(that is of course if they had errogenous zones, and if they werent scrapey)- podman

Blow them all up with my manly chest hair.- land-mine eagle

if they were killer robots I wouldn't have to eat dirt. I would be dead. - imma


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