what if you discovered the cure to cancer?

before i answer this, i am disappointed that there are only 3 questions this time...anyway, if i found the cure, i'd say, cool, and buy another pack o' smokes.- Vegetable Rights Foundation

I would reverse it so it would spread cancer faster, and keep the real cure for myself and other followers of DC.- gone postal

How the hell would I discover a cure for cancer? What I'm walking down the street and ooooops I trip over something, pick it up and look at it, OH HOLY SHIT NO WAY!!! I have DISCOVERED THE CURE FOR CANCER. What the hell kind of question is that dude? I mean shit, thats like asking DID YOU STILL LIKE JUDAS PRIEST AFTER YOU FOUND OUT ROB HALFORD WAS GAY? Thats a better one ask that one.........cure for cancer wow, well if you think about it maybe I might find it I like to go rooting in the waste bin at work hmmmmmmmm..........- DementEd

I do know the cure to cancer. It dies when you die.- MeowMix

Then I'd be the coolest in the world and I would feel privledged to have saved many lives.- Sally

i use the knowledge i possesed to blackmail various world leaders and booksellers. first, id inject them with mild, but inevitabley deadly, cancer strains. then i would promise to cure them, but only if they surrended domination of the world to me. or gave me the lateset terry pratchett novel free of charge. - frazicus

I'd make sure I never got it!!! Fuck everyone else they can find their own cure!!!!- hev

no- megnolia

I'd put it in coffee.- Mr. Wuck

i'd make the government pay me 1 million billion euro to use it and a thoroughbread camal of my choice to escort me accross the planet in my quest to find more cures to incurable diseases, and once i stumbled accross the male contraceptive pill, (infallable and harmless might i add as awell as protecting from all STD's) i would partake in lesbian affairs for the first part of the year to descover myself, then have a few ladyboys as my bed partners then a few more men before settling down and forcing the goverment to knight me...- satanskoncubyne

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!... id eat it probably. or rub it on my balls. cancerless balls rule.- trebor mcmann

I'd keep it a secret til I was on my death bed, then while they were trying to get it out of me as I slowly slipped away, I'd just mumble "mustard...mustard.." Then they'd think the cure was mustard. how silly it would be so see bald kids eating lots of mustard. - Syko Morgana

i'd think really hard about letting the world know. the human race is wrecking the planet, we have no natural predators, barring ourselves. the only thing that keeps our population in check is diseases. if we cured those diseases, the mass suicide that the human race is commiting will be speeded up due to the exponential rise in numbers.competition for resources would escalate to epic, probably violent proportions and just before the final war occured, oxygen levels would fall to a horrific low, and this coupled with the astronomic rise in Carbon dioxide levels would render us all unconscious.the end.- marissa

Id pimp it out to peoplz wit my ho's in diffrent area codes an dat would be dat muddafucka.- Dog in da hood.

If i discovered the cure to cancer i would flush it down the toilet- Dane

give it to the imerial cancer research fund and then burn the buildings down- saracen

i would be one smart and wealthy bastard! ya! oh and cure many dying people.. - Miss Roger's Sweater

i'd sell it as a diet aid...fat people tend to give out big bucks if they want to be thin and beautiful- Yo'Monkey

i'd give it to everyone via the internet and sue anyone who tried to turn it into a product with commercials etc because that is fucking shitty for people to do... sell it at COST damnit - SAnimal

Never gonna happen. Why think about it?- Witto

if i discovered the cure for cancer, then i would be happy, like go out, and "paint the town yellow". i would take me and my sock puppet out for an all you can eat cheese parlor..and maybe purchase a big ol' block of that gouda cheese. mmm hmmm....but always remember to wash your hands before eating..you wouldn't want to have dirty hands from when operating then go out and eat..yick. unless....you had those super cool rubber-glove hands, then of course, go right ahead and not wash your hands. .....~hey, did someone step on a duck?!?- baby g  a.k.a. babydeep gurdup

i'd be rich!!!that damn disease!!!- Muckaferguson

I'd sell the cure to the whole world... except the french.- thanatophyte

First I would create large amounts of the drugs and store them in secret caves underground and have sloths guard them. Then only keeping a few bottles above ground i would tell people that these were the only ones i made and charge immeasureable prices for each one, just pulling out more when i needed them. Then humanity would probably find out and shun me from their "society", just because i wanted to become rich!!1 so theyd probably send me and my band of sloths to a far desert island to die.- Franky the one-armed midget

I would cure mrs. stewert- Nanna

Well then I would sure be rich. Then I would go buy a life and not be here on a Saturday night filling out surveys on the internet!- Mistofflies

I would give a portion of my millions to The Insane Domain since I would finally have some to spare! I would give even more to them after I find the cure to the common cold, too....not before going to Disneyland a bunch of times and getting Mickey's autograph.......- McDiablo

then i would...get to have my goat farm!- daft cow

If I discovered the cure to cancer, I would be out doing something fun, instead of on this fucking computer, because I'D BE RICH!!!!- sparkleglow21

i already have, its pledging your loyalty to the Cats, they will rule us all!- Fido Dido

I would sell it to every cancer patient for as much money as they had, I'd milk all those hat wearing freaks dry. Oh yeah.- p kraked

I'd do the American thing and make a huge ass profit off it.- liz

I have no idea what I would do.- LubisKo

i would spend all of the money i would get because i m was gonna give some to you but you ask too much to be paid....and you wont if you keep on askin - *_AsterZ_*

I think there is really only one thing a cure for cancer can be used to do.- Mzebonga

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