what if you turned into a chair for a few days?

If i turned into a chair for a day id let carmen electra sit on my lap and stick my finger in her bum!- FrEaKgUrL

I'd get more tail than a swedish whore in a violin factory. (Cause see in a violin factory they make the strings out of cats, and cats have tails. So their are a great many tails in the factory for a swedish whore to have.)...wait...I ruined the funnyness of it by explaining...stupid me...*cries*- AnthraxBoy

if i turned into a chair for a day i would use my four legs and walk to a model agency and place myself in the waiting room so shitloads of hot young lasses would sit on my face- the demon

hehe then people could call me a butthead and be right.. cuz people would be putting their butts on me.. crazy eh?- Miss Roger's Sweater

Ok i finagle myself into the oscars or something ( don't worry theyt don't notice walking chairs) then get my comfortable self under Johnny Depp or ooh mel gibson. Then when all the lights go out... they feel a hand and bam and magically turn back into a person while im all up on johnny and then hed turn to me and be like wow u can turn into a chair and wed probaby get married. But seeing with the luck i have Drew carrey or britney spears would end up sitting on me where id end up killing the little bitch with my kung fu shit the end- franky one- armed midget

um... what if i cuffed your hands to my dancers pool and bent down and sucked you off? ha! answer that one!- Kreepie

That would suck ass I hate people sitting on me- Sally

is it a folding chair?- randy

What do you mean if i got turned into a chair how stupid is that how could a person get turned into a chair. HOW ???????????? it's not as if a gremlin will float down from the sky and go POOF you a chair for a few days! - Phat Matt

I would proclaim myself tobe running for President, and throw artichokes at people and sing "Once I was a Swagman" at them until they bowed down and hailed me as God- The Fool

ifi were a chair... hmmm..... i like big butts and i cannot lie, and you otherwise can't deny, when a girl walks in with an ity bity waste and that round thing in your face you get SPRUNG.... mmmmm.... must be chair...- Empriss Nikon

id have great fun moving every time someone tried to sit down. not to mention all the loose change id collect. - frazicus

I'd wait 'till people sat down on me, then shove a big dildo up their homophobic ass!!!- Dolpha

I'd rock back and forth until some insane old fat person would come sit on me and break me... then I'd have to kill them after I turn back into myself, get reassembled, and heal after a few years... considering fatso didn't die of heart failure or choke to death on his own arm...- R Dire

i'd run around town (in the best way a chair can) and yell to everyone...'sit on me! hey, sit on me!' - SiNiSTaR

I think I'd sit down- Fergus O'dimbal

Perhaps attractive women would sit on me then.- Mzebonga

Hopefully it'd be one of the folding ones, so that I would be able to close whenever anyone tried to sit back on me. Then i'd be like, "HA! MOTHER FUCKERS!!! TRYIN' TO SIT ON ME, HUH? well NO!!!!!" except I wouldn't because i'd be a chair- Dolpha

I would run for President. Knowing the present administration, I would win. Then I would have a sex scandal with the throne of England- Not Napoleon Bonaparte

I'd sit and chill, if anybody tried to sit on me I'd devour them and eat the moldy cheese in my dresser drawer- Blunt

wel if suzi sat on me i would break or possibley hold her in place with my magically enchanted chair arms!!- keglineq

you would be sat on, and eventually die.- pig

I would hope that who ever would sit down on me would have changed their clothes- imp

why people sit on me i will tell yhem to get their fat ass off me- Bob

If I turned into a chair for a few days I would have fun accidently pulling myself out from underneath people and watch them fall. Also for people I especially hate, I would make sure that they would get splinters up there ass, so therefore my request is for me to be made out of some splintering material ie wood IS THIS TOO MUCH TO ASK OF YOU PEOPLE???- Jonut

i'd fall over - bitch aka kat

I would sit back and enjoy the view- bananamanda

that depends, are my relatives obese?- popedoug

I would pray to DC that I would be put backstage at a strip bar.- gone postal

ide get really mad for people sitting on me and ide be extremely mean to ppl with hemeroids poking them in the ass for being stupid enough to sit on me for i would be be one evil uncomfortable bastard of a chair- Sk8erGecko

What if I got hacked up and used for firewood afterwards? Oh my god!! That's horrible. I never want to be a chair. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. - Mzebonga

i would probably get sat on... a lot... cos thats what happens to chairs... cept for the naughty chair... but we dont talk about him... hes naughty... argh! hes attacking me! someone help me! please! arghhhhhhh.....- Fido Dido

it see alot of ass's- Ninja

If i turned into a chair for a few days, i'd be choked. Being used for nothing more than a place to park your ass! The only excitement I would get would be the fact that i'd occassionally get thrown around like a cheap whore. No, living the life of a chair is not for me.- Crazy soda can crusher

If you were a chair for a few days you would rock.- chip

i'd tell people not to sit on my face- midgit

id be chillin like a villian on pennicillin in front of the boob tube until someone comes and sits on me.- dumb blonde

i'd be on all 4s- gerry

I would relax and watch all the sexy arses that happened to sit on my face- booboo

It would be a good chance to get used and abused by some premium ass. Flat, bony, huge or jiggly.. We chairs don't discriminate!- SararararararaS

I'd pray to have a tounge.- F.T.L.

i'd die- derek

then i'd want to be sat on by one guy only. as often as possible.- AMP

i'd be a spinny red chair with purple dots and lime green squiggles and i'd go flying down hills trying to kill myself- turquoiseraven

I would make use of my "legs" and move back slightly when some moron I can't stand attempts to sit down. Sure, they would have a sore bum and embarass the hell out of themselves, but also they'd make people think they were crazy by yelling things like, "That chair is alive! That chair is out to get me!" Pshh, nonesense, chairs aren't alive....*glances nervously at the couch*- McDiablo

then i would have people sit in me.- skittles

who cares, at least i wouldn't be required to move- popedoug

i would hope to be sat on by pamela lee anderson- oriongk

i dunno know- butthead

i'd stay pretty much still, unless someone moved me, or i moved.- foetus

I would get some fit guy to sit on me. or i would get my mother to sit on me and then collapse!- bloody hormones

I would have the seat be my face so when a female sits down I would have pussy on my face- Woodstock

i'd make sure i was mahogany so people could trip over my name worse than they already do.- cheezy

i'd be a chair, and i'd be a pretty chair, and when some unsuspecting fool sits down i'll be sure to break so they land on their ass and break their tail bone.- dandru

It would be 3 days of sweaty butts and feet all over me and *shudder* ugly naked people sex, and then I would have to kill myself.- sarinie

Only if Peter Stormare would sit on me.- jessie

I would claim myself to be an artichoke, and hide in trees bombarding people with lemons, while singing "Bess You is My Woman Now" at people. I would also start the Anti-Table branch of the KKK.- Fish

i dont know- gizmo

I'd pine to become something else- Mystic Murray

then i could be lazy all i want and don't have to do dishes- swirliegirl

Only beautiful women can sit!- Omuletzu

Well, as you well know chairs don't have clothes and it would be very cold. I would be forced to chop myself up and use my splintered remains as firewood to keep warm.- Geno

I'd get pleanty of ass- BillyGoatJoe

well...you'd be sat on a lot...eventually some fatass would come and sit on you and once you morphed back into a human...you'd discover that the fatass broke your neck...you would immediatly die before being able to share your expieriances. ~urmom

lots of people would sit on me and i would be in control of everone..cus when they sit on me ill trap them wit my...chair arms and eat them...if im one of those moving chairs.- double

id be very comfortable..and people would no longer afraid of touching me. - hopsgotcaught

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