What if cars ran on spit?

then gas would be a lot cheaper - becca

old people would be in the engines not in the fucking way. - slain

I'd get some fucking nasty cotton mouth, wouldn't i? i'd probably get so low on spit, i'm dry up, 
and blow away, and cats would think my dust was a litter box, and shit on me. Cats are evil. - Becky

Regular or Decaff? - gone postal

potheads wouldn't drive - zim

Mine would run forever - Cat

Chewingt tobacco would be controlled by OPEC. - SilentWolf

I'd buy a shitload of jaw breakers- Poptart

Then all those annoying people who spit on you while they talk or while they eat wouldn't be so annoying anymore - 
damnit, I'd hate that - those people really get me pissed off. - EP

Then we'd all have very dry throats and the British Government would tax our phlegm. - mzebonga

that would kick ass - smertz

i guess i'll be walking...more - me

that would be fucking awesome it would be so cheap to make a car run. - Kacidias

Airplanes would fly on shit. - Dootsie

no good if youre girlfriend swallows!!!!!! - skitz

i'd move to mexico. - ryansoup2005

it would be even cheaper to fill me car... - Bad4You

i wouldn't care i cant drive - Ninja

That would be great but wouldn't it smell bad,gas already smells bad imagen spit. - Mari2001

Then cheese would taste like old horseradishes. - fergus o'dimbal

then everyone would be dehydrated from like of saliva for one, and it would be just gross to spill a 
bit of spit on you when you're filling your car..eww herpes - kitten

ha! I walk into cars, and then i appoligize and they say its ok and that ineed to 
watcdh where I am walking, im sucha clutz! - s.i.l.e.n.t..c.r.y.s.

i would make a fortune - chops

I'd open up the first Spitgo station. - Sgt. D.

Oh yea that would be great...I could see it now: Tons of new factories in Mexico where
  5 year olds are paid a penny every hour they hack up some saliva. NICE. - KindalLiz

Porn Stars would have to stick to gas - The Grim Fandangling Ballzak

then i guess the fairy god mother would trip over her shoelaces - brittle pores

Then we could drink all the gasoline and not have to save any of it. - Cock sonkey

then yo mamma would have a NEW job! - crzybstrd

We'd have "spit stations", instead of gas stations. They would have to hire tons of people to spit full time, 
which probably wouldn't be such a bad job... heh heh heh. - Mxrockergirl

Then humans, in an attempt to refeul thier vechicles, would run out of spit, and die. - Laser-Monkey

Then I would know what to do with my spit collection.- Jenna

If cars ran on spit, most humans would be dehydrated. Humans would have to drink more water and our 
water supply would be dangerously low, then we would die. - MeowMix

Forget spit..what about human fecal matter? - OmegaClarinet

I would never have 2 buy gas again! - Jugalet

there would be a world shortage of luggies - Chest-ica

it'd be better than all the swallowing it does right now. - Cock Goblin

i would spit a lot and sell it and make cash to buy cool stuff, and porn - THE demonic weasel

they wouldnt go - Sally


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