What if all the socks took off in a ship and banned us from making more?

that would totally suck - becca

good riddance they smelt, and we dont have a shortage of things that smell, take france for example. - slain

i'd us condoms as socks, cuz come on, their shaped the same way, and condoms have a nice lube.. - Becky

If socks are outlawed, only outlaws will have socks. - gone postal

I'd wear mucklucks. - zim

yay for sock rights! - Cat

I wouldn't care. - SilentWolf

I'd say Fuck 'em...good riddance..be gone with U..malodourant clothing wannabes- Poptart

Then the shoes would get lonely, and go after the socks, in another ship, and we'd all be screwed, especially the 
seismologists who go into Volcanoes for a living - who wishes they'd done another course at university now? - EP

Then my feet wouldn't smell as bad, but DC wouldn't exist. And therefore Sanimal would rule the Insane Domain and 
we'd never come back here to fill in these questionnaires and then we just couldn't go on and the world would be 
shite so I say NO! NO! The socks can't go into space, nail them down. NAIL THEM DOWN!!!!!! - mzebonga

i would kill myself - smertz

My shoes would be lonely - me

that would be hilarious cause like who needs socks anyway seriously - Kacidias

President Bush would have their ship bombed. - Dootsie

WELL? - skitz

i'd start a war. DIE SOCKS DIE!!!!!!! - ryansoup2005

i can live without socks - Bad4You

nooo you die you die and rot in hell no-one takes my socks and lives ph33r the ninja!!!!! - Ninja

We'll just have to live with cold feet. - Mari2001

Opressive fuckers. How dare they! - fergus o'dimbal

Well then if that were to happen, there would be no more DC :( As he is composed entirely of socks, and if 
we were banned from making more socks then we could never resurrect him, thus making everyone sad and unhappy-like 
:( thats scary to think bout - kitten

socks..man i cant live witout socks.. :( - s.i.l.e.n.t..c.r.y.s.

our trainers would stink so bad the socks would surrender. - chops

Blow up the ship. - Sgt. D.

I have nothing against bare feet. Of course I would have to move. To a warm place where no glass lays on the streets. - KindalLiz

Well, it's not like we can bribe them I'm sure they have enough ROCKS on their home planet - The Grim Fandangling Ballzak

socks are my life baby - brittle pores

The sock monkey population would become extinct once all living sock monkeys were overhunted. - Cock sonkey

we'd wear sandals - crzybstrd

We'd all have stinky, sweaty feet from wearing shoes all day with no socks. The world would become unbearable
  to live in and the population would split in half. - Mxrockergirl

only the mafia would make socks, and charge us 7x the original price. - Laser-Monkey

Then the world would have no more Sock monkeys as I am sure that the monkeys who have evolved into socks would 
be leaving with the rest of the unmokey-like socks. We would be left with nothing to arouse ourselves with and 
eventually crawl back into caves and wait for that great Sock Monkey in the Sky to claim us.- Jenna

Our feet would freeze and fall off, we'd all become war amps. - MeowMix

We would be forced to sink their pathetic excuse for a ship and make more obiedient socks. - OmegaClarinet

I follow their asses! - Jugalet

people would be walking around with some very funcky smellin' feet - Chest-ica

we could secretly make more out of dogs couldn't we? - Cock Goblin

FUCK THEM, and they're stupid sock porn. - THE demonic weasel

we'd be devastated with cold feet - Sally

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