what if each part of your body could communicate with you?

they do anyway. it scares me. they shout nasty things about people and blame it on me YOU RETARDED MOTHER-FUCKING EXCUSE FOR A GIBBONS HARLET!- Fido Dido

well the well known phrase would change from you're talking through ur ass to you're talking to your as. I for one would think that would make a clourful sight. Actually probably mostly browns- Jonut

All I would hear is complaints, complaints complaints. Then I would kill myself from the annoying ringing in my ears.- Meowmix

Hmmm that would be good then If i had a problem I wouldn't have to go to the doctor because your body part could tell you whats wrong, and plus i hate doctors and doctors surgerys they give me the creeps.- Sally

hmm.. well i'd be happy.- Spanky the retarded cat

Me and little Jasper down there'd be at it all night (conversation that is).- Barclay

I'd start a talk show.- syko morgana

i would cry becouse its hard dealing with the vioces in my head i dont know if i could handel my knee telling me to burn things- foofers

life would be very loud. and im sure my feet would never shut up, theyve been through enough abuse already- frazicus

My feet would probably resent all that I put them through and my penis would resent the fact that I don't give it enough to do.- Mzebonga

hmm... meaning?- Tarzan

i would feel all my pain- keglineq

What do you mean "what if"? Are you making fun of me?- gone postal

I'd be all fucked up.- Roderick

i'd cry- smithie

Then it'd all want me to eat potatos- fergus o'dimbal

they'd probably ask for more action...- chief

i want the green dino!! i'd start talking to everything and end up in a mental instutute.- kasey(^-_-^)

then I'd have twice as many voices in my head...to try and understand- Fugly

I'd b really tired after a while, coz each time i like sit on my ass then its gonna yell to me and say get up, then I cant even stand coz then my feet will complain, that would suck.- Freak182

what makes you think they don't? yes colon, what is that? oh i have to shit- iceolate

then i would no longer be lonely.. that would be great.. isnt that right mr. foot?- psychotic_freak

They would tell me "Goddamn, you are so SEXual"- Crazed Spatula

then i would never have to make friends and we would always sip tea and eat crumpets.- z24

I think I would be in alot of trouble... can't seem to keep my mouth shut as it is...- The Spoon

I'd whack my dick and ask it how it feels to be spanked like a monkey.- Infested Butternuts

i would have a huge party with all my new friends- unobtaineum

But they do..if i set my vibrator to the right speed, I can hear subliminal satanic messages echo throughout my uterine walls- Kitten

then id be a very happy man- ashyo

Then they'd say, "I want Pizza".- Mzebonga

i'd ask my left breast if it had rejection issues, cuz my boyfriends always concentrate on the right one, maybe i'd discover an evil plot to get rid of my favored boob...and i'd ask my fingers if it bothers them when i chew the skin of the sides of my nails.- marissa

Id sing a little song to myself.- WildWaterDude

Are you making fun of me? My left foot seems to think so. - gone postal

i'd probably go get a drink of water or something. i dunno, something boring. - Antihero

i'd talk to it all day and complain about being bored and having no one to talk to. - thecatsmeow420

then i would be surrounded with neverending bitching - sslitherr

Shutup! Shutup! Shutup! - Freak182


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